During these quarantine restrictions, our life suddenly changed. The streets are empty, traffic jams are gone, and the number of people in supermarkets decreases every day also. We are just sitting there at home. But it is not necessary to be anxious about the usual rhythm of life. In fact, many things can be done without going outside, including ordering essential medicines at home.

Kroger Pharmacy (CSAT: 2.6)
1425 Columbus Ave, Lebanon, OH 45036, United States | (513) 228-7370 | https://www.kroger.com/

I just kindly placed a call from the Medical Spa that I work at to call in a prescription for a patient, and the woman Jessica at Kroger Pharmacy was unnecessarily extremely rude. She asked me why I did not electronically send this prescription, and when I told her it was because this is a Medical Spa and not a Doctors’s office, she said mmm, right. She also added that it is electronically only. I’d like to add that I have never been told this from a pharmacy due to the fact that they know this is a MEDICAL SPA, NOT DOCTORS OFFICE. Furthermore, she called me back within 5 mins and asked for me, then said, your prescription was from a physician, correct?. I took this as her insinuating that my call could have been invalid even though I provider her with the NPI number.

I wanted to see the friendly, family-owned quality service I read about, but I have to say it was not there on my recent visit. I had to interact with three people — primarily teens — to get a prescription: one took info, another came to confirm the information, and a third gave it to me. It made me feel like I interrupted them. The three other people in the pharmacy looked over, but no pharmacy staff came to the counter to speak with me, but one shouted to me from the back — quite unprofessional. No one ever smiled or said ‘hello’ during the entire time. I hope this was an isolated experience.

ViaQX Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.2)
1530 Walmart Dr, Lebanon, OH 45036, United States | (513) 932-2993 | https://viaqx.com/

AMAZING SERVICE!!! I’m going to move all my prescriptions to this pharmacy. No more long lines are waiting for my prescriptions when I can get them delivered to my front door!

Thanks, ViaQX Pharmacy tech guy working the pharmacy window on 7/31/18 at 6:45 pm. They had none of the medication I needed in stock, so he directed me to CVS where I found the meds. Thanks!!

The Little Clinic (CSAT: 3.2)
1425 Columbus Ave, Lebanon, OH 45036, United States | (513) 282-3010 | https://www.thelittleclinic.com/

Whether picking up prescriptions at the drive-through, walking in to browse for snacks, essentials, or getting a flu shot, I always have a positive experience here. The Little Clinic’s staff is wonderful, their services are fast and friendly, and the store is always clean and well organized.

They never call when my prescriptions are ready. I’ve had them change my primary phone number with them three times so that they may contact me, and they still never use the correct phone number or call me. The prescriptions I have filled there have to be compounded, so they have a short shelf life. It is frustrating waiting extra days for a call to never receive one.

Target (CSAT: 4.2)
400 Corwin Nixon Blvd, South Lebanon, OH 45065, United States | (513) 494-0700 | https://www.target.com/

If you enjoy watching paint dry, you’ll love the speed at which they pick up the phone. If you think waiting 20 minutes on the phone is terrible… Try waiting 2-3 days for your prescriptions to be ready. On the bright side, the staff is pleasant and courteous. Newly renovated but not a traditional drugstore. You can only pick up prescribed medications. There’s nothing over the counter.

The pharmacist at Target is shockingly rude. I was the last one in line at 1:28 when you threw up the pharmacist, not on-duty sign. Thirty-two minutes later, after lunch, it took him less than two minutes to hand me my refill. Thanks for giving me the time to write a review and shop for a new pharmacist.