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Prayer Requests

When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.

Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Dialysis 1April 20, 2018Details
Salvation for Claire 2April 20, 2018Details
Breathing Problems2April 19, 2018Details
Heart Valve Surgery4April 16, 2018Details
Salvation for my Husband4April 16, 2018Details
Surgery on Wed3April 16, 2018Details
Losing Sight4April 16, 2018Details
Cancer Surgery3April 16, 2018Details
Mom is in the Hospital4April 16, 2018Details
Family Prayer Needs3April 16, 2018Details
Health Needs3April 16, 2018Details
Thanks and Prayer4April 16, 2018Details
Home Search3April 16, 2018Details
Thank You3April 16, 2018Details
Brother4April 14, 2018Details
Please pray for my precious friend Karen Newland.7April 11, 2018Details
Marriage10April 10, 2018Details
Pray for . . .6April 10, 2018Details
Personal Needs5April 10, 2018Details
Daughter's Surgery7April 10, 2018Details
My Brother6April 10, 2018Details
Family Needs6April 10, 2018Details
Hobert Fyffe4April 6, 2018Details
Sister with Cancer5April 5, 2018Details
Alli Hamblin praise and prayer4April 4, 2018Details
Ted Cain Update6April 4, 2018Details
Heart5April 2, 2018Details
Family & Friends5April 2, 2018Details
Sisters & Brothers5April 2, 2018Details
Sister5April 2, 2018Details
Alli and Gabe Hamblin8April 2, 2018Details
Lost5April 1, 2018Details
Depression6April 1, 2018Details
Salvation5April 1, 2018Details
Husband4April 1, 2018Details
Leukemia6April 1, 2018Details
Tension6April 1, 2018Details
Continued Prayer5April 1, 2018Details
Praise & Prayer4April 1, 2018Details
Stroke5April 1, 2018Details
Brain Cancer4April 1, 2018Details
Family4April 1, 2018Details
Grandson4April 1, 2018Details
Praise5April 1, 2018Details
Miscellaneous5April 1, 2018Details
Family4April 1, 2018Details
Ted Cain8March 31, 2018Details
Change in venue5March 29, 2018Details
Friend Heart Attach4March 29, 2018Details
Open Heart Surgery4March 27, 2018Details
Pneumonia4March 27, 2018Details
My Son5March 26, 2018Details
Request4March 26, 2018Details
For Healing5March 26, 2018Details
My Son4March 26, 2018Details
new health issue5March 23, 2018Details
Prayer for the Bartlett Family4March 20, 2018Details
Untitled0March 20, 2018Details
Closing of our business.7March 20, 2018Details
Preayer for Friends:8March 18, 2018Details
Accident6March 14, 2018Details
Possible Stroke9March 12, 2018Details
Upcoming Surgery7March 12, 2018Details
Family Requests8March 12, 2018Details
Health6March 12, 2018Details
Healing7March 12, 2018Details
Brain Cancer6March 12, 2018Details
Addiction8March 12, 2018Details
Dr. Appointment6March 12, 2018Details
Baby Girl5March 12, 2018Details
Mission Trip5March 12, 2018Details
Unspoken7March 12, 2018Details
Sherry Miller's Mother6March 11, 2018Details
Gabe Hamblin10March 6, 2018Details
Mother's stroke6March 5, 2018Details
Salvation and Church6March 5, 2018Details
Career Change7March 5, 2018Details
Reconect into the Youth6March 5, 2018Details
Alzheimer’s 7March 5, 2018Details
Depression7March 5, 2018Details
Our Daughter5March 5, 2018Details
Husband5March 5, 2018Details
Brother & Sister5March 5, 2018Details
Sister and Son5March 5, 2018Details
Stroke6March 5, 2018Details
Grandson5March 5, 2018Details
Needs Physically4March 5, 2018Details
Our Son6March 5, 2018Details
Brother-in-Law5March 5, 2018Details
Hectic Life3March 5, 2018Details
Brother & Mother2March 5, 2018Details
Salvation5March 5, 2018Details
Daughter6March 5, 2018Details
Husband and Myself7March 5, 2018Details


Margaret Pennington
My nephew Chris was suppose to start Dialysis May 1 but because of severe toxic buildup in his body he is starting tomorrow. Please lift him up in prayer.

Salvation for Claire

Beth anon
Pray that Jesus can reach Claire's heart and pray for family reconciliation.

Breathing Problems

Margaret Pennington
Ronnie Oeder is having breathing problems. Please lift him up in prayer.

Heart Valve Surgery

Debbie Hinkle
Elmer Downing has heart valve surgery on Wed.

Salvation for my Husband

Susan Gillespie
Pray for healing, peace and salvation for my husband.

Surgery on Wed

Robin Bippos for breast cancer surgery on Wed.

Losing Sight

Shirley Howard
Nephew, Gary Monds and his wife Linda. She is legally blind and losing all sight.

Cancer Surgery

Dan Luers has colon cancer surgery on Monday. Also pray for his physical and spiritual needs.

Mom is in the Hospital

Roseann Randall
She has double pneumonia; age 91. Pray for her recovery.

Family Prayer Needs

Deb Marsh
My husband for guidance in his spiritual life and for impending knee surgery. For unsaved family members.

Health Needs

Lynda Sappington
Lower back problems and a hernia.

Thanks and Prayer

Joey Smith
Thanks for my new job I start in a week. Pray for our family.

Home Search

Katrina Kidder
Pray for the right home to come on the market for our family to move.

Thank You

Beth Irons
Thank you for your prayers during my recent thoracic surgery. Continue to pray for healing.


Margaret Pennington
My brother Kenny (83)has been taken to hospital with GI bleeding. Please lift him up in prayer.

Please pray for my precious friend Karen Newland.

Jean Ann Perry
She will be taking radiation for health issues right away. Please pray our Lord will give her complete healing. Thank You.


Healing and restoration in our marriage. Apply what we hear and learn in counseling.

Pray for . . .

Dan Stevens
Kelly Stevens.

Personal Needs

Jennifer Hamilton
Going through divorce and need strength. Mother passed away. To make better choices; felling lost.

Daughter's Surgery

Angie is having surgery to remove and replace a stint. Her kidneys stopped working.

My Brother

Pat Mitchell
Tom Trovillo is having back issues from chemo treatment.

Family Needs

Joey Smith
Praying a job, home, and family issues.

Hobert Fyffe

Bonita Fyffe
On April 11th Hobert will have a tumor biopsy on the right front of his brain. They may also biopsy his Kidney.

Sister with Cancer

Ron Sempsrott
Sharon has bone cancer. Undergoing radiation. Very concerning.

Alli Hamblin praise and prayer

Beth Hamblin
Alli was a champ yesterday. Surgery went beautiful and she is back to her normal self. The only concern is her right ear because the hole was much larger and the patch might not take. Her doctor will be watching it very closely and if it doesn't take Alli will have to have a bigger surgery to patch the hole in the ear. Please pray it takes.

Ted Cain Update

Gary Byrd
Ted didn't need Open Heart Surgery. The did everything through a vein. Praise God. He plans to be in church this Sunday.


Maggie Wolfe - heart problems.

Family & Friends

Pray for family member suffering from chronic pain, lost family members and friend who lost her son to an overdose.

Sisters & Brothers

Bev Williams
Husband's siblings grew up in church but have fallen away or converted to another faith. Pray they will come back to the truth.


Ron Sempstrott
My sister, Sharon, has been diagnosed with severe bone cancer. Starting Radiation treatment. Needs heavy out-pouring of prayer.

Alli and Gabe Hamblin

Beth Hamblin
Alli is having surgery to repair the holes in her ear drums on Tuesday morning. Please pray for her and all the doctors and nurses who will be caring for her. Gabe's medication got upped again due to the epileptic storms 2 weeks ago. He seems to be doing very well with this change. Please pray that no side effects are seen. So far there haven't been any.


Christy Downer
27 year old Chris is lost & struggling with drug use and mental illness.


Joe Studebaker
Pray for healing from deep depression.


Pray for salvation of Eli & Nathan Gooch.


Pray for my husband's health.


Denise Hardy
Niece, Crystal Kaiser has leukemia, started Chemo. Her husband Nathan is lost.


Donnie Glass
Pray for family tension to end.

Continued Prayer

Pray for our lost & prodigal, for Kevin's safety, endurance thru his stand against strongholds.

Praise & Prayer

Deb Marsh
Prayer for uncommitted loved ones and friends. Praise for answered prayer.


Sherry Miles
My mom had a massive stroke. Please pray for her.

Brain Cancer

Casey Riccardi has Brain Cancer, needs healing.


Carol Wint
Michelle & her family.


Please pray for Nicholas, numbness & maybe mini strokes. 26 yrs old and saved.


Kelli Hundley
DaWayne's Thyroid Cancer Scan came back clear.


Scott & Karen Rogers
Fidora Jones broke her ankle. Kaitlyn has Lupus, 14 years old, chemo treatments. Daughter - Unspoken


Lynn Zecher
Salvation for family & my dad who is 89.

Ted Cain

Gary Byrd
Ted will have surgery between 7 & 8 a.m. on Tuesday the 3rd. He will have 2 operations. One will insert a stint through a vein in his leg, then they will do Open Heart to repair a valve.

Change in venue

Gary Byrd
Ted Cain is being transferred to Miami Valley Hospital. His surgery will be rescheduled after more evaluation.

Friend Heart Attach

Brenda Mapp
My friend Karen Fugate had a massive heart attack overnight. She is in an induced coma.

Open Heart Surgery

Gary Byrd
Ted Cain is in the hospital being prepared for open heart surgery on Thursday.


Gary Byrd
Howard Pauley is ill with Pneumonia. Please pray for him.

My Son

Susan Ramsey
Jason Ramsey (24) has disconnect. Praying all is well. Pray for travel mercies and good family fellowship for Chris, Nat and me in GA and FL this week.


For Barb Mitchell.

For Healing

Tom Pendergrass
Carson Copenhaver and Donna Pendergrass to be healed.

My Son

My 19 year old son has drifted away fro the Lord.

new health issue

I've just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes - a lot of adjustments to be made

Prayer for the Bartlett Family

Jason Wright
Please ask God to place his hands of comfort and peace on the family and friends of Richard Bartlett. He passed away last week from a brief battle with cancer. We have lost a husband, a father, a grandfather, and a friend. Thank You for your prayers.


Jason anon

Closing of our business.

Eric Gage
Please pray for Joanna and I as we close our business that God will open the right doors for us to find another location for our store. Pray that we will be able to be financially supported during the times the business is closed.

Preayer for Friends:

D0ris English
Please pray for Carolyn Cain who has pneumonia and Ted Cain who will have a heart valve replacement in April.


Gary Byrd
Jeff Singer,an and his wife were in an accident in the Congo, 2 missionaries with them have died,

Possible Stroke

Jeff & Tanya Fowle
Tanya's mom appears to have had a stroke. Doctors are not sure of the cause.

Upcoming Surgery

My dad is having surgery to see if his cancer has come back.

Family Requests

Debra Marsh
Unsaved family, and direction for Greg Marsh.


Health for Jake , Pattie and Charlotte.


Pat Mitchell
Tom Trovillo, brother, need healing of leukemia. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and continued treatment.

Brain Cancer

Margie Trovillo
Casey Ricardi has brain cancer. She had surgery but they did not get all the tumor.


My sister has an addiction and needs help. Pray for her and her two daughters, that I am currently raising. She needs help and the Lord.

Dr. Appointment

Husband, Robert Fyffe has a tumor on the lining of his brain. We have an appointment with a neurosurgeon on Monday.

Baby Girl

My co-worker Christine just has a baby girl. Prayers for health and healing.

Mission Trip

David & Shirley Mullendore
Pray for our son, Kevin who is on a mission trip to Honduras.


Sherry Bendel
Pray for my unspoken prayer request.

Sherry Miller's Mother

Barb Gregory
Sherry's mother is eating a little with thickened food, difficulty swallowing and speaking.

Gabe Hamblin

Beth Hamblin
Gabe is having epileptic storms. So instead of having a seizure 1 every 15 seconds, he is having a bunch at one time. His doctor will make a decision on what he wants to do as far as meds go and will let me know later this week. He has done this before. It looks like a burst of seizures happening all at once instead of one at a time. This is something common with LGS which is what he has. Please pray for sweet Gabe and for the doctors on his team to make the right decisions for him. Thank you!

Mother's stroke

Barb Gregory
Sherry Miller's mother who lives in KY has had a stroke. Next 72 hours are critical.

Salvation and Church

Chris Nash
Chris and Cindy Kidd for protection from the enemy and for salvation. Jake Nash for a church in Indiana.

Career Change

Tim Pennington
My wife Lisa needs wisdom in deciding on a career change. Pray for direction and peace.

Reconect into the Youth

Tim Pennington
Noah and Luke to reconnect into the youth ministry. Pray God puts people in their lives that will help the process.


Katrina Kidder
Marty Henderson's mother has advanced Alzheimer’s. Very difficult as they keep her at home.


Renee Bennett
My sister struggles with Post-Partum Depression. Pray for God's comfort.

Our Daughter

Susan Ramsey
Natalie is having bullying issues. Pray for her and Chris and myself to discern the correct way to move forward.


Pray my husband finds he way to Christ.

Brother & Sister

Yvonne Baumann
Art and Linda each got reports concerning cancer. Increases in chemo. Prayers for healing, and salvation for Art.

Sister and Son

Bev Bowers
Sister, Clara Adam has cancer. Her son David found out he has Leukemia.


Bob Harris
Paul Harris's mother-in-law Arlene Harper recently had a stroke. Pray for the family.


Tammy Stevens
He is 8 months old with health problems and Down Syndrome. Pray for my son and his wife.

Needs Physically

Matt and Dillon Hall for physical needs.

Our Son

Michelle August
Joshua needs prayer. School is extremely stressful. Lack of sleep. Pray God covers him in grace and guards his mind.


Ladonna Wolfe
Gene Grant needs healing.

Hectic Life

Kiersten is overwhelmed with work, school and parenting.

Brother & Mother

Burch Doud
My brother has cancer, and my mother is 90 years old.


Millie Popadak
Chris & Marley Popadak.


Tom & Debbie Dillon
That she would turn her life to Christ.

Husband and Myself

Shirley Enright
Paul for grace for healing. For the pain in my back.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.