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Prayer Requests

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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Throat Cancer1February 15, 2019Details
urgent prayers needed1February 15, 2019Details
Urgent6February 13, 2019Details
Salvation for My Husband3February 11, 2019Details
Health and Job3February 11, 2019Details
Jobs3February 11, 2019Details
Rachel and Kurtis adoption5February 11, 2019Details
Liver Transplant8February 6, 2019Details
Family Needs4February 4, 2019Details
Brother and Sister6February 4, 2019Details
Job3February 4, 2019Details
Pray for My Sister6February 4, 2019Details
Job Search2February 4, 2019Details
Unemployment4February 4, 2019Details
Widows & Widowers3February 4, 2019Details
House Fire3February 4, 2019Details
Starts Chemo4February 4, 2019Details
Stage 3 Cancer7February 4, 2019Details
Passing of His Wife7January 31, 2019Details
Job Opportunities5January 28, 2019Details
Needs for the Family5January 28, 2019Details
Job Search5January 28, 2019Details
Healing touch6January 28, 2019Details
Needs for Others5January 28, 2019Details
Ear Surgery4January 28, 2019Details
Prayers please5January 27, 2019Details
Laurie-Cancer7January 25, 2019Details
Surgery Update6January 21, 2019Details
Adoption6January 21, 2019Details
Continued Prayer7January 21, 2019Details
death8January 18, 2019Details
prayers for friend3January 16, 2019Details
Battling Cancer5January 15, 2019Details
Praise & Prayer5January 14, 2019Details
Brother Having Surgery4January 14, 2019Details
Surgery & Recovery4January 14, 2019Details
Needs of Our Kids5January 14, 2019Details
Medical Procedure3January 14, 2019Details
Quick Resolution3January 14, 2019Details
Doesn’t Believe4January 14, 2019Details
My Friend3January 14, 2019Details
Prayers for Others3January 14, 2019Details
Urgent prayer needed5January 12, 2019Details
Urgent Prayer Request:7January 9, 2019Details
Please pray for Barbara Roman.5January 8, 2019Details
Suffered Loss6January 7, 2019Details
Chemo Treatments5January 7, 2019Details
Friend with Cancer5January 7, 2019Details
In the Hospital3January 7, 2019Details
Stage 4 Cancer4January 7, 2019Details
Special Unspoken3January 7, 2019Details
Shoulder Pain3January 7, 2019Details
Answered Prayer2January 7, 2019Details
Personal Requests3January 2, 2019Details
Several Requests for Prayer4January 2, 2019Details
Salvation3January 2, 2019Details
More of the Lord3January 2, 2019Details
Salvation for My Friend3January 2, 2019Details
Family Healings and Needs3January 2, 2019Details
Prayer for Mike Lawson3December 27, 2018Details
Prayer Request3December 27, 2018Details
Prayer for Ira Sprouse1December 27, 2018Details
Prayer for Bill6December 27, 2018Details
Prayer for Daughter3December 27, 2018Details
pray for healing1December 24, 2018Details
praiseGod 2December 22, 2018Details
back home2December 21, 2018Details
Prayer for Martha Kendrick1December 21, 2018Details
Daughter3December 21, 2018Details
Untitled0December 21, 2018Details
Heart Surgery On Wed – UPDATE2December 20, 2018Details
Relative2December 20, 2018Details
PLEASE PRAY1December 20, 2018Details
PLEASE PRAY4December 20, 2018Details
Our Kids4December 17, 2018Details
Prayers for My Family4December 17, 2018Details
Saved4December 17, 2018Details
Praying for Others5December 17, 2018Details
Heart Surgery on Wed4December 17, 2018Details
My Sons4December 17, 2018Details
Our Staff5December 17, 2018Details
Sister5December 17, 2018Details
Stroke5December 17, 2018Details
Hospital4December 17, 2018Details
Please pray for healing.2December 13, 2018Details
Heart Problem2December 10, 2018Details
Heart Surgery3December 10, 2018Details
Needs of Others1December 10, 2018Details
Heart Issues1December 10, 2018Details
Cancer Treamtent2December 10, 2018Details
Passing of Grandma2December 10, 2018Details
Praying for Another1December 10, 2018Details
Service for Walter Bussell2December 5, 2018Details
Daughter-in-law’s stepfather2December 5, 2018Details
Walter Bussell5December 5, 2018Details
In Severe Pain3December 5, 2018Details
In 24hr. Hospice Care6December 3, 2018Details
Passing of My Husband5December 3, 2018Details
Cancer4December 3, 2018Details
My Parents4December 3, 2018Details
Pray for Healing3December 3, 2018Details
Prayers and Praise3December 3, 2018Details
Walk with the Lord2December 3, 2018Details
Specialist Appointment3December 3, 2018Details
Eye Surgery3December 3, 2018Details
Knee Replacement Surgery2December 3, 2018Details
Pray for My Friend2December 3, 2018Details
Unspoken2December 3, 2018Details
Struggling Church3December 2, 2018Details
Brother – Chemo5November 30, 2018Details
Praise for our church3November 29, 2018Details
Mother in law4November 27, 2018Details
Issues with Health5November 26, 2018Details
Family Prayers4November 26, 2018Details
Back Pain2November 26, 2018Details
Praise and Prayers3November 26, 2018Details
Lost to Cancer3November 26, 2018Details
Mom3November 26, 2018Details
Childhood Friend’s Daughter2November 25, 2018Details
Daughter with Cancer9November 19, 2018Details
Urgent Prayer Request9November 19, 2018Details
Family and Marriage5November 19, 2018Details
Contined Prayers For5November 19, 2018Details
Tumor and Salvation4November 19, 2018Details
Friend in Need4November 19, 2018Details
Ill Uncle4November 19, 2018Details
Depression5November 19, 2018Details
Disaster Relief4November 12, 2018Details
Needs of Friends2November 12, 2018Details
Travels3November 12, 2018Details
Surgery Results6November 9, 2018Details
Fathers Passing7November 7, 2018Details
Stroke4November 6, 2018Details
Family Struggles5November 5, 2018Details
Treatment6November 4, 2018Details
Husband and Wife4November 4, 2018Details
Lost Children5November 4, 2018Details
Cancer Treamtent5November 4, 2018Details
Air Force5November 4, 2018Details

Throat Cancer

Dale Crutchfield
Sheila Daniels has throat cancer.

urgent prayers needed

june mercer
kidney needed for Marcus Sapp contact uc doner for details


Michelle Ponath
My friend’s daughter is only 25 years old and she had a massive stroke and had to have her brain operated on along with her heart. This last week they added a defib after her heart stopped beating. She is not doing well and at this time God is her only hope. Thank you

Salvation for My Husband

Fred needs salvation.

Health and Job

Matthew Burkett
Pray for my mother as she recovers from a stroke. My wife Emily needs a job.


My girlfriend and me have been laid off from our jobs. Trying to have faith.

Rachel and Kurtis adoption

Tammy Sparks
My daughter and son in law are adopting a baby girl, she is schedule to arrivie Feb. 14th (the birth mother is being induced), they leave Wednesday to drive to Florida for the birth. Pray for safe travel and that everything goes smoothly with the paperwork process and most importantly the baby is healthy and pray for the birth mother.

Liver Transplant

Dale Crutchfield
A friend of my daughter needs a liver transplant. A donor has become available and she is on the way to the hospital now. Pray for success and recovery for both individuals.

Family Needs

Katie Copenhaver
Pray for Malakai’s feet and weight. And for our financial situation.

Brother and Sister

Yvonne Baumann
Brother, Art is battling lymphoma and skin cancer. Has developed shingles; eye and ear are in jeopardy. Sister Linda, is fighting MBC. CT scan tomorrow.


Nicholas Jesson
Tina and her job needs.

Pray for My Sister

Bev Bowers
My sister Clara has cancer. Was sent home to die. She knows the Lord.

Job Search

Emily in her job search.


James Family
Praying for the process of Mark being unemployed. Pray for God’s sovereignty.

Widows & Widowers

Ryan Gerardot
Prayers for the widows and widowers of our church. Pray the Lord eases their pain.

House Fire

Ryan Gerardot
Jackie Berryman’s daughter lost everything in a house fire. Pray she doesn’t lose hope and faith.

Starts Chemo

Vivian Wilson starts chemo again this week.

Stage 3 Cancer

Bonnie Hailey
Donovan, our great-grandson (16) had stage 3 cancer in his chest. Starts chemo on Tue. Had double hernia surgery last week.

Passing of His Wife

Please remember John Russell in the passing of his wife Nancy.

Job Opportunities

Praying for the right job opportunity.

Needs for the Family

Bob Ruggles
Unspoken for our sons.

Job Search

Emily Miller
Searching for a new job.

Healing touch

Susan Ramsey
Jason (son) is in the hospital in FL.

Needs for Others

Joshua August
Adam had 2 relative died 24 hours apart; family members with ear infections. Denise needs prayer for her daughter. Classmates with issues.

Ear Surgery

Beth Hamblin
Gabe is having ear surgery on Wed.

Prayers please

Margaret Pennington
My niece Carol is back in hospital with a diagnosis of Sepsis. Please lift her up in prayer.


Joy Brown
My friend Laurie Benedict has breast cancer and has just found out her heart walls are weak. Pray not only for healing but for her husband (Dave) and daughter, Elise. Elise is having a hard time knowing how to deal with this diagnosis. Pray that I would be a good friend and support in this time.

Surgery Update

Joanna Gage
My brother’s surgery went well.


Sherry Miller
Pray for Rachel and Kurtis Kessler; adopting a baby due Feb 21. Pray for health and protection for the baby, and life changing for the birth mother.

Continued Prayer

Jessie Brattain
Continue to pray for my family.


please pray for carol jesse who lost her niece last week family needs prayers

prayers for friend

Ginny C
My friend, Kristi, has been admitted to the hospital with Afib – meds not working

Battling Cancer

Dixie Pursley
My daughter-in-law, Beth Jackson, has Cancer. She is asking prayer for her entire family.

Praise & Prayer

Lynda Sappington
Praise – our daughter is past all her health problems. I have 2 herniated discs and will having injections Thursday to try and stop the pain.

Brother Having Surgery

Joanna Gage
David is having prostate surgery on Wed.

Surgery & Recovery

Emily Miller
Judy is having surgery, and Cindy for continued recovery.

Needs of Our Kids

Don Maness
Kayla Leber for PMDD. Andrew Leber for job search. Donie Maness for child custody.

Medical Procedure

Jaon Gilhooly
I’m having a cardiac ablation this Friday. Prayers for the skill of the doctors and his team for a successful procedure, and peace for me.

Quick Resolution

Susan Ramsey
Alan and Shannon Ramsey are having trouble due to the government shutdown. Praying for a quick resolution.

Doesn’t Believe

Christiana Allen
My friend is an atheist and refuses to listen to me about the truth. giving her a bible and still trying. Pray for Callie.

My Friend

Hannah Grace Bletzinger
Pray for my friend who doesn’t believe in God.

Prayers for Others

Deb Marsh
For Greg, Unsaved family and friends, 13 yr old boy who is having identify crisis.

Urgent prayer needed

Margaret Pennington
My niece Carol desperately needs our prayers.

Urgent Prayer Request:

Please pray for Nancy Russell. She has broken her hip twice recently, and is having difficulty breathing. She’s in very serious condition.

Please pray for Barbara Roman.

Jean Ann Perry
She is to have serious surgery in the near future. Please pray for divine healing. Thank you.

Suffered Loss

anon anon
My friend Lois Hertzman lost her partner John two weeks ago.

Chemo Treatments

Vivian Wilson (6) starts chemo treatments this week.

Friend with Cancer

Joy Brown
Laurie Benedict was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In the Hospital

Leigh Ann Pagnard
Mom was in the hospital for five days with multiple concerns; diabetes issues. Also, need new clients/employment.

Stage 4 Cancer

Judy Messner
My uncle Mitt has stage 4 cancer. I pray he loves Jesus and God.

Special Unspoken

Dan & Janie Caudill
We have a very special unspoken prayer request on our heart.

Shoulder Pain

Heidi James
Torn rotator cuff. Unspoken.

Answered Prayer

Deb Marsh
Praises for answered prayer. Pray for unsaved family and friends, and direction for my husband and me.

Personal Requests

Family relationships, finances, and growth in Christ.

Several Requests for Prayer

Don Maness
Ira Sprouse for medical reasons. Kayla for unspoken. Family for salvations and rededications. Gail McKenzie for shoulder surgery.


Eric Ruggles for health and salvation.

More of the Lord

Butch Doud
That I would allow the Lord to be more prevalent in my life. Unspoken request.

Salvation for My Friend

Natalie Nash
For Sarah to come to know the Lord and her Savior.

Family Healings and Needs

Katie Copenhaver
Healing for our family as a whole; Pepaw’s hip, and Malakai’s feet. for guidance with work, school and living situation.

Prayer for Mike Lawson

Anonymous anon
Please pray for Mike Lawson on life support. Pray lungs, heart and brain function and he wakes up from medically induced coma. Pray for complete healing.

Prayer Request

Anonymous anon
Please pray for our lost and prodigals.

Prayer for Ira Sprouse

Don Maness
Pray for Ira Sprouse. Had successful heart surgery and continued gastro issues. Son Donie – custody of Avett (son).

Prayer for Bill

Karen & Bill Hinds
Bill was in a car accident on 12/22 and broke his neck. He is not paralyzed.

Prayer for Daughter

Mary Bookman
Pray for our daughter, Alicia, her husband Elijah, and grandkids Khora & Emerson. They stopped going to church several years ago. Pray they’ll come back to Christ and recommit lives to him.

pray for healing

gayle downing
pray for my friends granddaughter 2years old. having ear tubes replaced this morning. thank you


june mercer
thank you all for prayers am home now facing another procedure in jan

back home

Dale Crutchfield
My daughter is better and back home. Thank you for the prayers.

Prayer for Martha Kendrick

Jason Wright
Martha Kendrick is in the hospital and her family is gathered around her. Please pray for comfort and strength to Martha and her family. God Bless You All.


Dale Crutchfield
My daughter, Natalie, is in the hospital with very low BP and fighting Cancer.


Dale anon

Heart Surgery On Wed – UPDATE

Lynda & John Sappington
Surgery could not be performed. They could not get her heart to do the SVT beats. Will have to figure something else for her.


anon Bryant
Please pray for my sister-in-law, she is in intensive care.


Jean Ann Perry
June Mercer was just taken in a ambulance to Atrium Medical Center with chest pains. Please pay for her. Thank you.


anon anon
June Mercer was just taken by ambulance about 8:15 this evening(Wed)to Atrium Medical Center. Having chest pains. Please pray for her. Thank you.

Our Kids

Chris Nash
Jacob, Josh, Janson, Alan, and Katie to draw into surrendering their lives. Salvation for Ed and Ann Lang.

Prayers for My Family

Barbara Smith
My brother had a heart attack last night. My daughter struggles with addiction.


Landen Stanley
My mom got saved.

Praying for Others

Deb Marsh
Brother with Pancreatic cancer. Lost loved ones. Praise for Greg’s knee healing.

Heart Surgery on Wed

Lynda & John Sappington
Our daughter, Jennifer, is having heart surgery on Wed.

My Sons

Roger Williams
Pray for my sons, Robert and Jason.

Our Staff

Hodapp Family
Pray for our staff and their families.


Tracie Taylor
My sister needs prayer.


Katrina Kidder
Shannon Henderson had a stroke, with mouth and arm damage. In rehab.


Margaret Pennington
Just learned my niece Carol is back in hospital. Her kidney numbers are high. Please lift her up in prayer.

Please pray for healing.

Jean Ann Perry
My friend, Barbara Patrick, starts her chemo treatments soon, and needs relief from pain, and be healed by our Heavenly Father. Thank you.

Heart Problem

Dave Stephenson has heart problems.

Heart Surgery

Don Maness
Ira Sprouse has heart surgery on Dec 17. Pray for my son Donie and child custody.

Needs of Others

Ryan Gerardot
Pray for Jerry Edwards, as this is the first holiday season with her husband John. My wife suffers for anxiety.

Heart Issues

Barb Gregory
Steve’s brother had a heart attack on Friday, and then triple by-pass surgery.

Cancer Treamtent

Vivian Wilson (6) for cancer treatment.

Passing of Grandma

Joy Brown
Grandma Nina passed away the Thursday before Thanksgiving. Pray for the family as we grieve. Found out my best friend, Laurie, has breast cancer.

Praying for Another

Billie Miley
Sarah Hacker.

Service for Walter Bussell

anon anon
Funeral services are at Urbancrest on Thur, Dec 6. Visitation is from 11:00-1:00 and the service is at 1:00.

Daughter-in-law’s stepfather

Linda Benson
Please pray for Vanessa’s stepfather, Wayne Trombley, is having bypass surgery today at 2:00 pm in Lexington, Ky.

Walter Bussell

Please be in prayer for Minnie Bussell and the family during the passing of Walter (93).

In Severe Pain

Margaret Pennington
Please lift up in prayer Ken Norris. Has a blood clot around the liver. Drs. undecided how to proceed. Ken is in severe pain.

In 24hr. Hospice Care

Margaret Pennington
Please pray for the Bussell family. Walt is now has 24hr. Hospice care. Pray especially for his wife Minnie. They have been married over 69 years.

Passing of My Husband

Howard Pauley
Received a call from Minnie Bussell that her husband, Walter is passing away. Remember her and the family.


Amy Boyer
This family used to attend Urbancrest. The man’s name is Jeff Nicolet and he has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. He sees the surgeon on Thursday and they will schedule surgery sometime in December. His wife asks that we pray that the cancer has not spread to the lymph nodes. They have found a spot on one lymph node so far that could be cancerous.

My Parents

Gail Allen
Pray for Harold and Anna Thompson and suggested plans for their future.

Pray for Healing

Michelle August
Channing Coulter is in the hospital.

Prayers and Praise

Deb Marsh
Family and friends with cancer. Praise – Greg made it to church. Unsaved friends and family.

Walk with the Lord

Joyce Kelly
Pray for Grant and his walk with the Lord during this time of his life.

Specialist Appointment

My husband, Edward, is waiting on a specialist appointment. Pray we hear something this week.

Eye Surgery

Cindy Heflin
Scheduled for high-risk eye surgery on Tuesday.

Knee Replacement Surgery

David nowery
My wife, Elaine, is having knee replacement on Dec 11. Pray for her and the surgeons.

Pray for My Friend

Joshua August
Gwyneth Evans struggles with believing in Christ.


Sherry Bendel
Pray for my unspoken request.

Struggling Church

Gary Byrd
Please be in prayer for First Baptist in Los Angeles, pastor is Max Ellzey. The church is made up of mostly elderly members and has no children. He is trying to reach out to the community and youth, but to no avail currently. He scheduled a VBS and no one showed up. This is a SBC church.

Brother – Chemo

Bucky Allen’s step-brother, Darrell, has stage-1 lymphoma, and having difficulty with the chemo. Having tests on Dec 7.

Praise for our church

Dan-el Ponath
Asking all of our church family to give praise to Urbancrest leaders and staff. They are all beacons of hope in this community and beyond. I especially give thanks to Matt, our technical director, for working endlessly to insure every service is delivered to all. Thanks be to our Lord for all your work and service.

Mother in law

Lynn Zecher
Tom’s Mom Geri Zecher had a stroke over the weekend .

Issues with Health

Sherry Bendel
Phil’s wife is having health issues. Unspoken request.

Family Prayers

Jerry & Judy Messner
For our family to get along with each other.

Back Pain

Joanna Gage
Herniated disc, back pain.

Praise and Prayers

Don Maness
Praise – all our kids have jobs (5). Prayer – Ira Spouse with illness, Gail McKenzie with shoulder replacement.

Lost to Cancer

Jessica Brattain
Prays for Kathy Wellman’s family who lost Kathy to cancer. She’s my daughter’s grandma.


Thomas Brattain
Her arm to feel better. Hedge of protection around the family.

Childhood Friend’s Daughter

My childhood friend lost her husband 3 mths ago from cancer. It was a long hard battle of years and years and last weekend her 25 year old daughter had a stroke and they operated on her removing half her skull. The doctors say it will take a miracle for her to fully recover. Please pray my friend and her daughter will make it through this. Her husband was a warrior for God and losing him has shaken her faith and then this happening to her daughter has her very distraught. Thanks

Daughter with Cancer

Dale Crutchfield
His youngest daughter, Natalie Black, has been diagnosed with breast cancer; believing it to be in the early stages.

Urgent Prayer Request

Jean Ann Perry
Barbara Roman has very serious health concerns. Please uplift her in prayer. She is a precious Sister-In- Christ that needs our prayer right now!! Thank you.

Family and Marriage

Jessie Brattain
Family and marriage needs.

Contined Prayers For

Deb Marsh
Greg’s continued healing of his knee. Family and Friends with cancer. Unsaved loved ones.

Tumor and Salvation

Claire Shubert (8) has a brain tumor. Eric Ruggles for salvation.

Friend in Need

Angel Lowry
She is losing her home and raising four grandkids.

Ill Uncle

Uncle Clarence (94) is a Christian and very ill. Prayers for Pastor Tom.


Eva Amburgy
Very depressed as my mom, dad, and sister have all passed and I’m alone.

Disaster Relief

Deana Alan
Pray for Creston Schmitt and Roger Uhl with Disaster Relief – safety and ministry.

Needs of Friends

Katrina Kidder
Candice McConnauhey dealing with depression. Katharine Harrison suffering from food allergies.


Susan Ramsey
Safe travels for our trip to FL. for Alan Ramsey and family to work as one.

Surgery Results

Gary Byrd
Wanda Lovely, surgery went well, she is home. Wanda thanks everyone for the prayers and cards.

Fathers Passing

Patty Meadows
My father passed away today. Please pray for the family.


Patty Meadows
My father had a stroke yesterday and is not doing well. He lives in Florida, my brother is with him. I will be traveling on Thursday.

Family Struggles

Susan Ramsey
Alan and Shannon Ramsey are struggling in CO; both going to school, taking care of their kids and working. Very isolated. Pray they seek the Lord.


Vivian Wilson (5) begins treatments again for cancer.

Husband and Wife

Eric & Joanna Gage
Eric for a new job. Joanna’s health; herniated disc. For the right people to restart our store.

Lost Children

Betty Quinn
Pray my lost children will come to church with me. I’m asking them for Christmas.

Cancer Treamtent

Ginny Carlsson
My friend, Missy, for lung cancer treatment. Sister, Becky for health issues.

Air Force

Judy Messner
My grandson is in the Air Force and leaving for Germany. Pray for his protection.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.