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Prayer Requests

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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
More Surgery3October 18, 2018Details
Health Concerns2October 18, 2018Details
prayers needed3October 16, 2018Details
Spiritaul Leader2October 15, 2018Details
Prayers for Others2October 15, 2018Details
Salvation for Dad2October 15, 2018Details
Knee Pain2October 15, 2018Details
Depression & Anxiety2October 15, 2018Details
Needs for Family and Friends3October 15, 2018Details
Lemphoma3October 15, 2018Details
Knee Replacement2October 15, 2018Details
Husband’s Health2October 15, 2018Details
Housing and Assistance2October 15, 2018Details
Back/Hip Inury2October 15, 2018Details
Guidance2October 15, 2018Details
My cousin, Betty, passed away3October 14, 2018Details
Family Members – Lost4October 8, 2018Details
Friend and Family3October 8, 2018Details
Family Members3October 8, 2018Details
Surgery for My Friend2October 1, 2018Details
My Wife2October 1, 2018Details
My Friend2October 1, 2018Details
Surgery on My Knee2October 1, 2018Details
Heart surgery2September 29, 2018Details
In hospital3September 27, 2018Details
friend’s 2September 27, 2018Details
Hospice is with my cousin, Betty.4September 25, 2018Details
Illness3September 24, 2018Details
Those Uncommitted3September 24, 2018Details
Personal Prayer Needs3September 24, 2018Details
Breathing Problems4September 20, 2018Details
Passing of a Dear Friend8September 17, 2018Details
Family Needs4September 17, 2018Details
Knee Surgery4September 17, 2018Details
Business2September 17, 2018Details
Marriages2September 17, 2018Details
Grandmother3September 17, 2018Details
Heart Rate2September 17, 2018Details
Friend3September 17, 2018Details
Upcoming Surgery2September 17, 2018Details
Prayers for Unsaved Family & Friends2September 17, 2018Details
Passing of Her Grandmother2September 14, 2018Details
Unsaved family members5September 10, 2018Details
Prison Release5September 10, 2018Details
Torn Bicep Tendon4September 10, 2018Details
Struggles5September 10, 2018Details
Flooding4September 10, 2018Details
Unspoken4September 10, 2018Details
Stroke5September 10, 2018Details
Turmoil in Life5September 10, 2018Details
Cancer Surgery5September 10, 2018Details
Doctor Appointment4September 4, 2018Details
Surgery & Marriages4September 4, 2018Details
Passing of My Brother3September 4, 2018Details
Open Heart Surgery2September 4, 2018Details
Need Workers1September 4, 2018Details
25th Wedding Anniversary3September 4, 2018Details
Thank you for your prayers for Gabe2September 3, 2018Details
Thanks for your prayers.2September 3, 2018Details
Gabe update2September 1, 2018Details
Gabe2August 31, 2018Details
Surgery is Thursday2August 30, 2018Details
Henry’s surgery4August 29, 2018Details
Accident3August 28, 2018Details
Gabe5August 28, 2018Details
My Daughter4August 27, 2018Details
Praises3August 27, 2018Details
Knee Problems3August 27, 2018Details
Friends and Family3August 27, 2018Details
Health Issues3August 27, 2018Details
Hospital5August 26, 2018Details
Stents6August 23, 2018Details
Several Prayer Requests5August 20, 2018Details
Prayer Needs for Family5August 20, 2018Details
Surgery5August 20, 2018Details
Marriage6August 20, 2018Details
Praise5August 20, 2018Details
Jerry Schumacher5August 16, 2018Details
Charles Hailey7August 16, 2018Details
Charles Hailey4August 16, 2018Details
urgent5August 15, 2018Details
continued prayer4August 15, 2018Details
Education and Work5August 13, 2018Details
Prayers for My Family3August 13, 2018Details
Addiction2August 13, 2018Details
Tests4August 13, 2018Details
Family Prayer Needs2August 13, 2018Details
Personal Needs for Prayer3August 13, 2018Details
The Lord to Work3August 13, 2018Details
My Son3August 13, 2018Details
House for Sale2August 13, 2018Details
Fires3August 13, 2018Details
Personal Needs1August 13, 2018Details
Urgent Request6August 10, 2018Details
Unemployment6August 8, 2018Details
Prayer for Healing4August 7, 2018Details
Passing of a Friend5August 6, 2018Details
Son has Cacner6August 6, 2018Details
Cancer Healing4August 6, 2018Details
Prayers for Family & Friends4August 6, 2018Details
Family Prayer Needs4August 6, 2018Details
Hip Issues3August 6, 2018Details
Pray for our daughter. 4August 4, 2018Details
Health Issues5August 2, 2018Details
Health Issues3August 2, 2018Details

More Surgery

Margaret Pennington
Please pray for my niece Carol. She is having another surgery tomorrow morning.

Health Concerns

Linda Sappington
We’d like our daughter, Jennifer Truett, to be put on the prayer chain. She’s saved. She is going to the Mayo Clinic to have their specialists study the tumor on her pituitary gland and the SVT (I think those are the right initials) causing fibrillations in her heart. She’s 43 and an international level dressage rider and trainer (horse trainer). When she’s riding Grand Prix (what the Olympians do in top hats and tail coats), it takes so much strength that she has occasionally blacked ou. She hasn’t fallen, she finished her ride correctly but she had no memory of it. The local doctors have been treating her for years, but now she needs to see specialists. She’ll be tested all next week at the Mayo Clinic. We are driving up there to be with her. Please pray for all of us. This is scary stuff. Thank you.

prayers needed

june mercer
our good friend’s sister was found in basement dead thank you

Spiritaul Leader

for my husband to be the spiritual leader of our home.

Prayers for Others

Sharon Miller
Maddie for salvation. Family issues. Millie Papaduk in the hospital, very ill. Paul Enright for healing.

Salvation for Dad

Lynn Zecher
Salvation for my dad, Walt. He will be 90 in Nov.

Knee Pain

Heidi James
MRI on left knee for pain. Prayer for relief.

Depression & Anxiety

Susan Miller
Sarah Folmar (daughter-in-law) suffers from depression and anxiety.

Needs for Family and Friends

Deb Marsh
Greg Marsh for impending knee surgery. Uncommitted loved ones. Family of co-worker who passed away.


Darrel (14) with lymphoma.

Knee Replacement

Ron Sempsrott
Having right knee replacement on Nov 6.

Husband’s Health

Melissa Hall
Husband’s health.

Housing and Assistance

Susan Ramsey
Bill Jefferies for housing and government assistance.

Back/Hip Inury

John Grote
To recover from the injury; walk and run. For God’s healing hand and wisdom for the doctors.


Melissa Frank
Prayer for Gracie for guidance.

My cousin, Betty, passed away

Jean Ann Perry
Would appreciate your prayers for her husband and her family. Thank you.

Family Members – Lost

Katrina Kidder
Pray for my lost family members; there are many.

Friend and Family

Susan Ramsey
bill Jeffries (UBC member) needs a temp or permanent home. Jacob looking for a job.

Family Members

Deb Marsh
Greg has knee surgery on 10/22. Brother and sister with cancer. Lost loved ones.

Surgery for My Friend

Aden Robinson has surgery today at Children’s Hospital.

My Wife

Butch Doud
Pray for her.

My Friend

Thomas Brattain
Fell at school and got stitches in his head.

Surgery on My Knee

Bev Bowers
Wed at Grandview Hospital.

Heart surgery

Jean Ann Perry
Our friend, Donnie Smith, has had serious heart. Please uplift him in prayer for continued healing. Thank you.

In hospital

Bev Bowers
Bev is in Southview Hospital after passing out Wednesday. She is suffering from UTI and not sure how long she will be there. She also fell last week and hurt 2 ribs. Wants to get over things since her knee surgery is coming up October 3.


june mercer
friend’s son in law ? mother murdered by husband

Hospice is with my cousin, Betty.

Jean Ann Perry
Please pray for comfort for her, & prayers for her family. Thank you.


Christy Downer
Julie Darrell is struggling with a debilitating long-term illness

Those Uncommitted

Deb Marsh
Family, friends and neighbors.

Personal Prayer Needs

Eric Gage
My anxiety with new job. Praying to restart our thrift store.

Breathing Problems

Gary Byrd
June Mercer is in the hospital with breathing problems.

Passing of a Dear Friend

Just received word the Charles Hailey has gone on to be with the Lord. Please remember Bonnie and the family during this time.

Family Needs

Leigh Ann Pagnard
Charlie has a job interview on Tues. Leigh Ann’s grandma (Alice) is recovering from 2 broken legs She is 96 and knows Jesus.

Knee Surgery

Bev Bowers
I’m having knee surgery on Oct 3.


Eric & Lita Clark
Seeking workers for our cleaning business. What direction do we go if we don’t get them.


Prayer for marriages with problems.


Nina Olmstead
My 91 year old grandmother has Leukemia.

Heart Rate

Jay August is having trouble with his heart rate running to high.


Charlene Hollandsworth
Rebecca Dyke.

Upcoming Surgery

Margie Trovillo
Dennis Trovillo (son) has prostate cancer surgery on the 20th at 7:30am.

Prayers for Unsaved Family & Friends

Deb Marsh
Prayers for unsaved family & friends, and family with cancer.

Passing of Her Grandmother

Remember Heather Parks and family in the passing of her grandmother, Betty Parks. Funeral Service will be held Saturday, September 15, 2018 at 1:30 pm at Wilson-Schramm-Spaulding Funeral Home, 3805 Roosevelt Blvd., Middletown.

Unsaved family members

Lynn Zecher
Please pray our unsaved family members,especially Lynn’s dad who will be 90 in November.

Prison Release

My cousin to get out of prison, and to spiritually touch other prisoners while he is there.

Torn Bicep Tendon

Joel has possibly torn his bicep tendon at work. Heading to the hospital. Will affect his job if he can’t work.


Gracie is struggling. Pray for her and my ability to lead and help her.


We have friends who live in NC, with 2 kids. Pray as they prepare for the hurricane.


Janel & Eric Ruggles
Unspoken prayer request.


Michelle August
My friend Rebecca’s father, Duane Hanson had a stroke. Pray for his recovery.

Turmoil in Life

Pray for my ex-husband. He’s overtaken with drugs and the turmoil of life. He’s lost and doesn’t know where to turn.

Cancer Surgery

Margie Trovillo
My son Dennis Trovillo is having prostate cancer surgery on Sep 20 at Jewish Hospital.

Doctor Appointment

Barb Greogry
Seeing a cardiologist on Tuesday. Pray I get answers for my blood pressure situation.

Surgery & Marriages

Tom Pendergrass
Wisdom as I face surgery. for the Numerous marriages that are struggling.

Passing of My Brother

Pat Mitchell
Pray for my family in the passing of my brother Tom Trovillo.

Open Heart Surgery

Rodney & Jessica Barnum
Pray for Rodney and my cousin, Brody. He is having open heart surgery. Doctor says it’s a 25% survival from this surgery.

Need Workers

Eric & Lita Clark
Need workers for our cleaning company.

25th Wedding Anniversary

Alphonso White
Pray of thanksgiving for my 25 wedding anniversary to my wife, Katrena.

Thank you for your prayers for Gabe

Beth Hamblin
He is home and doing ok. I will be talking to his neurologist tomorrow to find out all the specifics.

Thanks for your prayers.

Jean Ann Perry
My brother in law is doing fine since his surgery Thursday. Thank you.

Gabe update

Beth Hamblin
Gabe will be in the hospital until at least Sunday night. They are going down on one med tonight and I will be keeping him up as long as possible tonight and up by 6:30an or sooner. The idea to to provoke the seizures to come out. He will be connected to the eeg the whole time. I have never prayed so hard for seizures in my life. Sadly I hate that he is having these but we need a good picture of what is going on.


Beth Hamblin
Gabe had a pretty major seizure this morning just before school. They squadded him to childrens he was admitted to the neuro floor early this evening and is doing an eeg. We are not sure what is going on with Gabe and not sure how long they will be doing the eeg. Please pray they get a good picture of what is going on with my boy and also for rest!!!

Surgery is Thursday

Jean Ann Perry
My brother in law, Donald, is having carrotid artery surgery this week. Please pray it will go well. Thank you.

Henry’s surgery

Steve and Barb Gregory
Update on Henry’s surgery. Henry is a friend of our Grandson, who was hit by a car while playing: Surgery discovered more damage than they knew of to his frontal head area including identifying a tear in the lining of his brain which was leaking fluid. They tried to repair that and some other skull fractures they found. Also his palate fracture was severe so they did have to put in some screws and wire him up. Everything is ok for now but they have to monitor the pressure on the brain to see if they are going to have to go back in. So, he’s not out of the woods. All other organs fine but the impact to his head is worse than they thought. Concern now shifts also to any potential permanent damage to his brain. The next 48-72 hours are crucial.


Barb Gregory
Prayer for a friend of my grandson his name is Henry 10yrs old. He was hit by a car on Sunday under going a 6-7 hours of surgery today starting at 11:00 am today.


Beth Hamblin
Mr.Gabe has had a few seizures of the past few days. I actually spoke personally to his neuro doc tonight and he wants to do a 24 eeg on him because we both feel that there is something that is being missed by the normal 20 min eeg. He wants to get a good picture of what is going on with him. I am so thankful to have an amazing doctor on Gabes team who listens to what I am saying and is taking this seriously.

My Daughter

Judy Messner
My daughter just moved back with her husband. She needs a job and mental help.


Charlie & Leigh Ann Pagnard
Elaine’s cancer surgery was successful. The third spot wasn’t cancer and it’s not in her lymph nodes. And Leigh Ann was given more consulting work.

Knee Problems

Bev Bowers
Knee problems. Have a scan this week to find out what needs to be done.

Friends and Family

Deb Marsh
Friends and co-workers with cancer. Unsaved family.

Health Issues

Eric & Joanna Gage
Health Issues.


Gary Byrd
Fred Hurt is in the hospital, having chest pain and trouble breathing.


Margaret Pennington
Please lift Ron Oeder up in prayer. He had three stents placed in the same artery today. Probably come home tomorrow.

Several Prayer Requests

Ginny Carlsson
Bev Bowers. Children in school. Grandchildren and families.

Prayer Needs for Family

Yvonne Baumann
Mom – in hospice and steady decline. Brother Art – in Christ Hospital for C-dif and lymphoma. Sister Linda – breast cancer, on steady chemo.


Cathy Howard
Having surgery today. Pray as you feel led. It’s out-patient.


Landon & Katie Copenhaver as they begin their life together.


Deb Marsh
Mom went home to Jesus. Prayers for unsaved family and friends.

Jerry Schumacher

Prayer requested for Jerry Schumacher who is in the hospital with heart and liver problems. Prayers needed.

Charles Hailey

Church Office
Bonnie has received an emergency call from Otterbein. They believe Charles is having a stroke. Please be in prayer for strength for Bonnie and healing for Charles.

Charles Hailey

Church Office anon
Bonnie has received an emergency call from Otterbein. They believe Charles is having a stroke. Please pray for strength for Bonnie and healing for Charles.


june mercer
for patty featherbay in Christ hosp with serious thyroid & heart problems has a nine year old who she has had since birth

continued prayer

Ginny C
my niece’s mom, Cheryl, undergoing aggressive treatment for lung cancer

Education and Work

Shirley Howard
Pray for grandson, Kyle Howard as he makes adjustments in education and work.

Prayers for My Family

Daughter is stressed with work issue. Pray for a calm spirit and good workers. Grandchildren are praying about adoption.


My sister has an addiction and needs help.


Barb Gregory
Going through tests.

Family Prayer Needs

Sister-in-law, Sue for care for breathing. Daughter, Angie for kidney problems.

Personal Needs for Prayer

Sevdalin Conroy
A better paying job. to follow Christ and to be a man after God.

The Lord to Work

Susan Ramsey
Trip to Milwaukee. Need the Lord to work in Chris’s friends life – Chris and Cindy Kidd.

My Son

Beth Hamblin
Doctors increased Gabe’s meds. Had a few seizures. Pray for him to sleep.

House for Sale

Katrina Kidder
Pray for an offer on our house on Summit St immediately.


Stephen Wagner
Brother-in-law fighting fires in CA.

Personal Needs

Sevdalin Conroy

Urgent Request

Jean Ann Perry
Please pray for our long time friend, Betty Sanders. She has had a serious stroke, and her husband, Ken, has asked for divine healing. Thank you.


I need a new job soon. I do not have any money coming in.

Prayer for Healing

Jason Wright
I have a friend at work whose father is ill and in the hospital. Please pray for Mr. Lakes and his family. Thank You!

Passing of a Friend

Dan Ponath
Please pray for peace and salvation of the sudden passing of Paul Polus. Paul was a kind soul, good friend to all, and team captain for our co-ed soccer team at the YMCA for many years. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. May he now walk in the light of the Lord.

Son has Cacner

anon anon
Dennis Trovillo has prostrate cancer.

Cancer Healing

Co-worker’s mom has cancer. Pray for healing and peace with the family.

Prayers for Family & Friends

Deb Marsh
Mom is just about to go home. Unsaved family and friends.

Family Prayer Needs

Yvinne Baumann
Sister – very serious problems at work. Mom – steady decline in Hospice. Pray for comfort. Brother – had tests all week. Pray for acceptance into special treatment procedure. Sister – legs improved; able to take chemo.

Hip Issues

Lynda Sappington
My hips are doing fine. Start physical therapy on the 16th. Pray for healing.

Pray for our daughter.

Please pray for the safety and well-being of our daughter. Pray that God will help guide her in making healthier life choices. Pray that he will protect her from harm so that one day she can again walk in His light with pride. Also, pray He gives us patience as we deal with what has all the markings of a toxic relationship.

Health Issues

Gary Byrd
Jeff Conard is having 3 MRI’s tomorrow. He and Becky appreciate prayers. Their Neurologist is very concerned.

Health Issues

Becky Conard
Jeff Conard is having 3 MRI to be completed tomorrow. They have been to a Neurologist and she doesn’t like the symptoms he’s been having for several months, she had some ideas of what it might be and none of them were good. They need all the prayers they can get. Thank you!
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.