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Prayer Requests

When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.

Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Changes4June 18, 2018Details
Family Health and Salvation4June 18, 2018Details
Salvation4June 18, 2018Details
Alzheimer’s 4June 18, 2018Details
Direction4June 18, 2018Details
Brother’s Surgery4June 18, 2018Details
Praise for Our Niece3June 18, 2018Details
Heart Surgery4June 18, 2018Details
Parents and Friend4June 18, 2018Details
Pray for healing.5June 15, 2018Details
Family decisions and misstion projects6June 13, 2018Details
At A Crossroad7June 11, 2018Details
Loss of Brother6June 11, 2018Details
Family & Co-Worker5June 11, 2018Details
Family Health Concerns5June 11, 2018Details
Family Prayers7June 11, 2018Details
Healing from Cancer6June 11, 2018Details
Refinance5June 11, 2018Details
treatment consult5June 6, 2018Details
Daughter miranda5June 5, 2018Details
Stress5June 4, 2018Details
Home Inspection4June 4, 2018Details
Debt Free4June 4, 2018Details
Pain4June 4, 2018Details
Treament for Sister4June 4, 2018Details
Continued pray for my Brother4June 4, 2018Details
Surgery Today4June 4, 2018Details
Grieving3June 4, 2018Details
Sister3June 4, 2018Details
Healing and Salvation2June 4, 2018Details
Please pray for healing.3June 2, 2018Details
My niece passed away.5May 31, 2018Details
Funeral Arrangements3May 30, 2018Details
Dad’s Passing3May 30, 2018Details
Family Prayer Needs3May 30, 2018Details
Bone Marrow Transplant2May 30, 2018Details
David’s cousin, Keith Trimble2May 30, 2018Details
Gabe update 3May 25, 2018Details
niece cancer2May 24, 2018Details
Gabe Hamblin4May 24, 2018Details
Re-admitted to hospital5May 21, 2018Details
2018 Graduates3May 21, 2018Details
Unsaved Family Members3May 21, 2018Details
urgent prayers6May 19, 2018Details
Safety for Ed on tree removal2May 17, 2018Details
Prayer for job/business relocation.3May 16, 2018Details
Nephews6May 14, 2018Details
Life Support7May 14, 2018Details
First Mother’s Day without Mom5May 14, 2018Details
Sprains5May 14, 2018Details
Continued Prayer3May 14, 2018Details
Unspoken Request5May 14, 2018Details
Upcoming Surgery6May 7, 2018Details
Several Requests7May 7, 2018Details
Dementia6May 7, 2018Details
Dealing with Leukemia5May 7, 2018Details
Guidance5May 7, 2018Details
Spinal Cancer5May 7, 2018Details
Just Moved3May 7, 2018Details
urgent for Jeff Bland4May 1, 2018Details


Jackie Monds
Lots of changes in my life; marriage, health and stress.

Family Health and Salvation

Ladonna Wolfe
My sister for full recovery from a stroke. For health and strength for her husband. Salvation for my grandson.


Don Maness
Salvation for son’-in-law.


Katrina Kidder
Pray for Marty and Shannon Henderson taking care of Sue Henderson with Alzheimer’s. Pray for hearts to soften.


Amy Grantz to find the right path.

Brother’s Surgery

Pat Mitchell
Brother, Tom Trovillo has necessary surgery on Tue before they do stem cell transplant. Recovery time between 6-8 weeks.

Praise for Our Niece

Denise Hardy
Crystal Kaiser has no immediate rejection to morrow transplant. Continue to prayer for no rejection healing.

Heart Surgery

Tammy Baur for heart surgery.

Parents and Friend

My parents were in a bad accident on their way to FL and mom is not doing well. My friend struggles with believing in God.

Pray for healing.

Jean Ann Perry
Please continue to pray for Nancy Russell, as she has serious health issues. Thank you.

Family decisions and misstion projects

Linda Benson
Please be in prayer for my family as we are dealing with a health crisis with my Mom and where she needs to be at this time. Also, pray for Jennifer and Jason McKinney as they have a mission team this week and are doing several big mission projects with this team. Has been a great week so far and they are praying for a great number of lives to be changed,

At A Crossroad

Andy Wilson
My daughter, Kathryn is at a crossroad and needs influence from God and his people.

Loss of Brother

Pray for the family of David Wilder on the loss of his brother.

Family & Co-Worker

Deb Marsh
Unsaved family. Co-worker Edi is battling cancer.

Family Health Concerns

Denise Hardy
Niece, Crystal Raiser has a bone marrow transplant on Tue. Donnie Warner has congestive heart failure.

Family Prayers

Don Maness
Safe travel for Jacob and Meriam to Vancouver. Laura starts a new job on Mon. Emmett in finding a job.

Healing from Cancer

Robin Bippus has breast cancer.


Tim Pennington
Trusting in the Lord in refinancing our home.

treatment consult

Ginny C
my friend, Missy, goes for a consult today regarding cancer treatment

Daughter miranda

Tamela Wiggenhorn
Please pray for my daughter, miranda Moore. Having a lot of odd issues with pressure in head and heart irregularities. Been to ER twice and will be seeing a heart specialist. Thank you ,


My husband Rodney as he deals with stress and depression.

Home Inspection

Katrina Kidder
Pray for inspections on our new home to reveal all concerns clearly and to come back clear and good.

Debt Free

Tim Pennington
Pray for us in our quest to be debt free. House repairs, appraisal, and paying it off sooner.


Robin Hodapp
Joe Studebaker for his physical and emotional pain.

Treament for Sister

Craig Miller
Pray for my sister, Pam Allison, during her stem cell infusion treatment for her quickening stage of multiple sclerosis. For strength and healing only God can give her.

Continued pray for my Brother

Pat Mitchell
Tom Trovillo has had so many stumbles and treatments. Pray for the doctors and his treatments.

Surgery Today

Ryan Duff is having surgery on June 4.


Jen and Jeremy welcomed their first child, a daughter, who did not survive. Pray for family and friends who are grieving.


Jay August
Sister, Maggie has lung cancer. Pray most of all that she accepts Christ. The Gospel has been shared.

Healing and Salvation

Ladyann Bennett
Jodi Fields Centers needs healing with diabetes. Courtney Fields needs salvation.

Please pray for healing.

Jean Ann Perry
My friend, Rosalind Engle’s daughter, Leanna Engle McKamey, is recuperating from very serious surgery. Please uplift Leeanna in prayer. Thank you.

My niece passed away.

Jean Ann Perry
She was 49 years old, and had Stage 4 cancer.Please uplift her husband, their 2 children, their 5 year old grandson, and 2 month old granddaughter during this time. Thank you.

Funeral Arrangements

Linda Airington’s husband has passed. Funeral Arrangements: Anderson Funeral Home (Springboro). Viewing Thursday night, May 31 6 pm — 8 pm. Funeral Friday morning, June 1 11:00 am.

Dad’s Passing

Connie Hollan
Jim and Kim Arrington have been visiting UBC for a few months. Jim’s dad passed away.

Family Prayer Needs

Donnie Glass
Safety for vacation. Dale (brother) with Dementia and his wife. other family struggles.

Bone Marrow Transplant

Denise Hardy
Crystal Kaiser (niece) has an upcoming bone marrow transplant for leukemia on June 12.

David’s cousin, Keith Trimble

Linda Benson
Please be in prayer for David’s cousin, Keith Trimble, who is having surgery to for Sarcoma cancer in his lung. Keith is a Christian and we are praying for God’s healing on this man. He and his wife are the caregivers for both set of parents. Parents are having a tough time with them.

Gabe update

Beth Hamblin
I talked to neuro and they are starting him on a 3rd seizure medication. The next two weeks are going to be getting him on the medication and getting him to the proper dose. Please pray for no crazy side effects. With him now being on 3 different seizure medications the side effects can be increased. Please pray that doesn’t happen.

niece cancer

Jean Ann Perry
My niece was just taken to the hospital. She is in the last stages of Stage 4 Cancer.

Gabe Hamblin

Beth Hamblin
Gabe had to be taken to children’s by a squad with seizures that look much different then ones he has ever had. He is home and doing better. Will call his neuro dr in the morning to find out the plan.

Re-admitted to hospital

Margaret Pennington
My niece Carol has been admitted to hospital for what appears to be complications from surgery she had a month ago. Please lift her up in prayer.

2018 Graduates

Prayers that they will continue to follow Jesus.

Unsaved Family Members

Deb Marsh
For unsaved family and spiritual direction for my husband.

urgent prayers

Ginny C
Bev Bowers has been taken to the hospital again – first dehydration, then extremely rapid heart rate.

Safety for Ed on tree removal

Jill Allen
Ed will be taking a large limb from Jill’s sister’s roof. She wants prayers for his safety through this process.

Prayer for job/business relocation.

Eric Gage
Please pray for the right “doors” to open to relocate our thrift store. I will need income soon if store plans are delayed. Prayers for Joanna dealing with rheumatoid arthritis.


Margaret Pennington
Continued prayer for Chris. Toxics in body from kidney problems has Chris’s mind in state of confusion. His brother Ted has just been admitted to Miami Valley Hospital with congestive heart failure.

Life Support

Howard Pauley
Niece, Linda Sue Jestice is totally paralyzed with a feeding tube, on life support.

First Mother’s Day without Mom

Pray for John, Joy and Jill. This is their first Mother’s Day without Marilyn.


Heidi James
I have a sprained ankle and wrist. Pray for complete healing and provisions for lost income for three weeks.

Continued Prayer

Pat Mitchell
for my brother, Tom Trovillo who is battling Leukemia. My brother Phil Trovillo is in Miami Valley; suffered a heart attack; in an induced coma.

Unspoken Request

Butch Doud
Unspoken request.

Upcoming Surgery

Ruth Haugen
Juan has reoccuring brain cancer. Surgery on Monday. Pray for the family. They are not saved.

Several Requests

Tom Pendergrass
Tony Overbey for therapy and recovery for a stroke. Carson Copenhaver with PKD. Donna with depression. My self for health, holy, happy and humble.


Donnie Glass
My brother, Dale Glass has dementia. His wife Gail is not good.

Dealing with Leukemia

Pat Mitchell
Continue prayer for Tom Trovillo.


Deb Marsh
For my husband and unsaved family.

Spinal Cancer

Michelle August
Jon Quatman’s daughter-in-law has cancer in her spinal fluid. Just had a baby and was recovering from breast cancer.

Just Moved

Brandy Pitzer
Need prayer in getting everything in order.

urgent for Jeff Bland

june mercer
having trouble with ky state certification for bluegrass horizon recovery therapy in house treatment center it is Christian based org He and his daughter have comitted thier lives to helping those with addictions thank you
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.