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Prayer Requests

When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.

Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Education and Work2August 13, 2018Details
Prayers for My Family2August 13, 2018Details
Addiction2August 13, 2018Details
Tests2August 13, 2018Details
Family Prayer Needs2August 13, 2018Details
Personal Needs for Prayer2August 13, 2018Details
The Lord to Work2August 13, 2018Details
My Son2August 13, 2018Details
House for Sale2August 13, 2018Details
Fires2August 13, 2018Details
Personal Needs0August 13, 2018Details
Urgent Request5August 10, 2018Details
Unemployment5August 8, 2018Details
Prayer for Healing3August 7, 2018Details
Passing of a Friend4August 6, 2018Details
Son has Cacner5August 6, 2018Details
Cancer Healing4August 6, 2018Details
Prayers for Family & Friends4August 6, 2018Details
Family Prayer Needs3August 6, 2018Details
Hip Issues3August 6, 2018Details
Pray for our daughter. 4August 4, 2018Details
Health Issues5August 2, 2018Details
Health Issues3August 2, 2018Details
Sons3July 30, 2018Details
Untitled2July 30, 2018Details
House to Sell2July 30, 2018Details
Divorce2July 30, 2018Details
Physical Problems2July 30, 2018Details
Prayers for Family2July 30, 2018Details
My Brother2July 30, 2018Details
Health of Family and Friends2July 30, 2018Details
continued prayer2July 29, 2018Details
Baby lilly2July 29, 2018Details
Sister with cancer3July 26, 2018Details
Kidney Transplant4July 24, 2018Details
Unsaved Children3July 23, 2018Details
Breathing Problems3July 23, 2018Details
Needed Help3July 23, 2018Details
Kids3July 23, 2018Details
Healing3July 23, 2018Details
Sister with cancer3July 21, 2018Details
Chemo Treatments3July 16, 2018Details
Sister Starts Chemo3July 16, 2018Details
Pray for My Kids4July 16, 2018Details
Sciatica problems6July 16, 2018Details
Lymphoma5July 16, 2018Details
Possible Surgery4July 16, 2018Details
In ICU3July 12, 2018Details
Baling Accident3July 10, 2018Details
Passing2July 10, 2018Details
JEFF BLAND2July 9, 2018Details
Acts 29 Ministries3July 9, 2018Details
Husband and Son2July 9, 2018Details
Children2July 9, 2018Details
Passing of a Grandmother2July 9, 2018Details
Friends4July 2, 2018Details
Surgery at 903July 2, 2018Details
Moving4July 2, 2018Details
New Home3July 2, 2018Details
Sons4July 2, 2018Details
Brain Surgery5July 2, 2018Details
Family Situation3July 2, 2018Details
bluegrass horizon drug & etoh inhouse recovery3June 30, 2018Details
Gall Bladder Surgery3June 27, 2018Details
Passing of a Mother4June 25, 2018Details
Asthma3June 25, 2018Details
Eye Surgery3June 25, 2018Details
Family Requests2June 25, 2018Details
Pain Relief3June 25, 2018Details
Illnesses2June 25, 2018Details
Twin Babies5June 25, 2018Details
Changes5June 18, 2018Details
Family Health and Salvation4June 18, 2018Details
Salvation4June 18, 2018Details
Alzheimer’s 4June 18, 2018Details
Direction4June 18, 2018Details
Brother’s Surgery4June 18, 2018Details
Praise for Our Niece3June 18, 2018Details
Heart Surgery4June 18, 2018Details
Parents and Friend4June 18, 2018Details
Pray for healing.6June 15, 2018Details
Family decisions and misstion projects6June 13, 2018Details
At A Crossroad7June 11, 2018Details
Loss of Brother6June 11, 2018Details
Family & Co-Worker5June 11, 2018Details
Family Health Concerns5June 11, 2018Details
Family Prayers7June 11, 2018Details
Healing from Cancer7June 11, 2018Details
Refinance5June 11, 2018Details
treatment consult5June 6, 2018Details
Daughter miranda5June 5, 2018Details
Stress5June 4, 2018Details
Home Inspection4June 4, 2018Details
Debt Free4June 4, 2018Details

Education and Work

Shirley Howard
Pray for grandson, Kyle Howard as he makes adjustments in education and work.

Prayers for My Family

Daughter is stressed with work issue. Pray for a calm spirit and good workers. Grandchildren are praying about adoption.


My sister has an addiction and needs help.


Barb Gregory
Going through tests.

Family Prayer Needs

Sister-in-law, Sue for care for breathing. Daughter, Angie for kidney problems.

Personal Needs for Prayer

Sevdalin Conroy
A better paying job. to follow Christ and to be a man after God.

The Lord to Work

Susan Ramsey
Trip to Milwaukee. Need the Lord to work in Chris’s friends life – Chris and Cindy Kidd.

My Son

Beth Hamblin
Doctors increased Gabe’s meds. Had a few seizures. Pray for him to sleep.

House for Sale

Katrina Kidder
Pray for an offer on our house on Summit St immediately.


Stephen Wagner
Brother-in-law fighting fires in CA.

Personal Needs

Sevdalin Conroy

Urgent Request

Jean Ann Perry
Please pray for our long time friend, Betty Sanders. She has had a serious stroke, and her husband, Ken, has asked for divine healing. Thank you.


I need a new job soon. I do not have any money coming in.

Prayer for Healing

Jason Wright
I have a friend at work whose father is ill and in the hospital. Please pray for Mr. Lakes and his family. Thank You!

Passing of a Friend

Dan Ponath
Please pray for peace and salvation of the sudden passing of Paul Polus. Paul was a kind soul, good friend to all, and team captain for our co-ed soccer team at the YMCA for many years. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. May he now walk in the light of the Lord.

Son has Cacner

anon anon
Dennis Trovillo has prostrate cancer.

Cancer Healing

Co-worker’s mom has cancer. Pray for healing and peace with the family.

Prayers for Family & Friends

Deb Marsh
Mom is just about to go home. Unsaved family and friends.

Family Prayer Needs

Yvinne Baumann
Sister – very serious problems at work. Mom – steady decline in Hospice. Pray for comfort. Brother – had tests all week. Pray for acceptance into special treatment procedure. Sister – legs improved; able to take chemo.

Hip Issues

Lynda Sappington
My hips are doing fine. Start physical therapy on the 16th. Pray for healing.

Pray for our daughter.

Please pray for the safety and well-being of our daughter. Pray that God will help guide her in making healthier life choices. Pray that he will protect her from harm so that one day she can again walk in His light with pride. Also, pray He gives us patience as we deal with what has all the markings of a toxic relationship.

Health Issues

Gary Byrd
Jeff Conard is having 3 MRI’s tomorrow. He and Becky appreciate prayers. Their Neurologist is very concerned.

Health Issues

Becky Conard
Jeff Conard is having 3 MRI to be completed tomorrow. They have been to a Neurologist and she doesn’t like the symptoms he’s been having for several months, she had some ideas of what it might be and none of them were good. They need all the prayers they can get. Thank you!


Barb Brooks
Steve for a new job. Kelly for a job and school.


Geri Gellman
My husband Michael went back to work following a workplace accident. Pray for strength and stamina.

House to Sell

Katrina Kidder
Pray our house sells immediately.


Parents are in the process of a divorce. Mom is grieving. Pray for strength and comfort for her.

Physical Problems

Lynda Sappington
Getting injection in the joint on Friday. Monday, our daughter will have her heart monitor removed.

Prayers for Family

Yvonne Bauman
Brother Art for lymphoma. sister Linda for breast cancer and problems with chemo. Mom entered hospice last week. Peace and strength for all of us.

My Brother

Pat Mitchell
Tom Trovillo has decided to stop chemo treatments. He is with peace on his decision. Pray for the family.

Health of Family and Friends

Ted House for heart. Geneva Bowman for heart. Charlotte Adams for dementia. Patti McLeurman for cancer.

continued prayer

Ginny Carlsson
Missy, friend, having surgery re-scheduled after 2 delays

Baby lilly

Tamela Wiggenhorn
A friends Baby, Lilly, was born yesterday and is in critical condition with a lung issue. Please pray

Sister with cancer

Ron Sempsrott
Doctor visit was good treatments are working going to continue with the same for now. Thank You for your prayers.

Kidney Transplant

Joe Vasquenz
Unsaved 44 year old Scott who desperately needs a kidney transplant. Only weeks to live. Needs salvation and healing.

Unsaved Children

Deb Marsh
Prayers for unsaved children.

Breathing Problems

My sister-in-law is having breathing problems. She is a Christian.

Needed Help

Jill Allen
My sister, Cynthia, has an appointment for needed help.


Don Maness
Salvation and jobs for our kids.


Prayers for pain relief and healing. Have been having back pain for months.

Sister with cancer

Ron Sempsrott
Thanks for earlier prayers but please continue to pray for sister that had breast cancer come back in her bones. getting results of scans after some treatments Monday.

Chemo Treatments

Pat Mitchell
Tom Trovillo (brother)undergoing another series of chemo treatments.

Sister Starts Chemo

Bev Bowers
My sister Clara (sister) starts chemo again. Cancer has come back.

Pray for My Kids

Susan Ramsey
Jason Ramsey is going to NY for training. Pray God gets a hold of him now. Feel it is critical for him. Pray as I raise my daughter Natalie.

Sciatica problems

Lynda Sappington
I have had sciatica problems for months, and see a pain doctor on Thursday. Pray for healing.


Yvonne Baumann
Art (brother) increased activity in his lymph nodes; 25 year patient. Pray for salvation and healing.

Possible Surgery

Jeff & Bev Williams
Nicole (daughter) has abdominal issues. Tests next week; possible surgery.


Margaret Pennington
Please pray for my niece Barbara. In Clinton Memorial Hospital’s ICU unit with extremely low blood counts and other complications.

Baling Accident

Sue Oeder
Mark Oeder lost his arm in a baling accident yesterday.


Please remember the Bullock family in the passing of Pasty last night.


june mercer
IN CAMBELVILLE KY for Bluegrass Horizon therapy is in desperate need for more insurance companies to come on board to enable the Christian based 28 day in house for people with addictions to drugs & etol they have been liscenced by the state they are in 16 acres lake & the 2 mares of Chris Morgan in his & Clint’s name they hve used this kind of therapy in the past with all the staff they need waiting ie psychclogists & trained staff He & his daughter have devoted their life to this mission

Acts 29 Ministries

Tim & Yvonne Baumann
Donnie Adamson is isolated by rioters in Haiti. Pray for safety for all.

Husband and Son

Jessica Kurtz
Pray for guidance and repentance.


Don Maness
Jobs for our children.

Passing of a Grandmother

Jessica Barnum
Remember Chasity and family in the passing their grandmother.


Mark Gibson
Battling illness of cancer.

Surgery at 90

Margaret Singletary (90) is getting surgery.


Jerrie Pellegrino
Moving to Centerville and need finances and spiritual support.

New Home

Katrina Kidder
For God’s blessings on moving to a new home. many family members need Jesus.


June Spencer
Kyle for a job. Cory is getting married on Saturday.

Brain Surgery

Deanna Allen
My friend Christina is having brain surgery on Monday. She is 38 and no family.

Family Situation

Joey Smith
Thankful for new job. Praying for family situations.

bluegrass horizon drug & etoh inhouse recovery

june mercer
urgent prayers for enough insurance companies to cover staffing expense this is a Christian orientated program

Gall Bladder Surgery

Leah Busick
Hannah Gregor is having gall bladder surgery today at Bethesda North Hospital.

Passing of a Mother

Leigh Ann Pagnard
Mindy Gallagher’s mom went to heaven. Funeral in Monday. Pray for friends and family to hear the Gospel.


Joanna Gage
Eric is fighting Asthma really bad.

Eye Surgery

Beth Hamblin
Gabe has eye surgery Wednesday.

Family Requests

Susan Ramsey
Safe travels to CO to connect with Alan and family. Jason moved to FL and starts his career; praying God is a priority in his life. Bill Jefferies for health – physical and emotional.

Pain Relief

Heidi James
Relief from pain. My brother Scott Hastings for health issues.


Carolyn Wainscott
Jenny McKeown has leukemia, and Lacey Gregsby has emphysema.

Twin Babies

Scott DeHart
My wife is pregnant with twin babies. Praying for a safe delivery for all of them.


Jackie Monds
Lots of changes in my life; marriage, health and stress.

Family Health and Salvation

Ladonna Wolfe
My sister for full recovery from a stroke. For health and strength for her husband. Salvation for my grandson.


Don Maness
Salvation for son’-in-law.


Katrina Kidder
Pray for Marty and Shannon Henderson taking care of Sue Henderson with Alzheimer’s. Pray for hearts to soften.


Amy Grantz to find the right path.

Brother’s Surgery

Pat Mitchell
Brother, Tom Trovillo has necessary surgery on Tue before they do stem cell transplant. Recovery time between 6-8 weeks.

Praise for Our Niece

Denise Hardy
Crystal Kaiser has no immediate rejection to morrow transplant. Continue to prayer for no rejection healing.

Heart Surgery

Tammy Baur for heart surgery.

Parents and Friend

My parents were in a bad accident on their way to FL and mom is not doing well. My friend struggles with believing in God.

Pray for healing.

Jean Ann Perry
Please continue to pray for Nancy Russell, as she has serious health issues. Thank you.

Family decisions and misstion projects

Linda Benson
Please be in prayer for my family as we are dealing with a health crisis with my Mom and where she needs to be at this time. Also, pray for Jennifer and Jason McKinney as they have a mission team this week and are doing several big mission projects with this team. Has been a great week so far and they are praying for a great number of lives to be changed,

At A Crossroad

Andy Wilson
My daughter, Kathryn is at a crossroad and needs influence from God and his people.

Loss of Brother

Pray for the family of David Wilder on the loss of his brother.

Family & Co-Worker

Deb Marsh
Unsaved family. Co-worker Edi is battling cancer.

Family Health Concerns

Denise Hardy
Niece, Crystal Raiser has a bone marrow transplant on Tue. Donnie Warner has congestive heart failure.

Family Prayers

Don Maness
Safe travel for Jacob and Meriam to Vancouver. Laura starts a new job on Mon. Emmett in finding a job.

Healing from Cancer

Robin Bippus has breast cancer.


Tim Pennington
Trusting in the Lord in refinancing our home.

treatment consult

Ginny C
my friend, Missy, goes for a consult today regarding cancer treatment

Daughter miranda

Tamela Wiggenhorn
Please pray for my daughter, miranda Moore. Having a lot of odd issues with pressure in head and heart irregularities. Been to ER twice and will be seeing a heart specialist. Thank you ,


My husband Rodney as he deals with stress and depression.

Home Inspection

Katrina Kidder
Pray for inspections on our new home to reveal all concerns clearly and to come back clear and good.

Debt Free

Tim Pennington
Pray for us in our quest to be debt free. House repairs, appraisal, and paying it off sooner.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.