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Prayer Requests

When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.

Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Heart Condition4January 19, 2018Details
Vivian Wilson3January 18, 2018Details
Cousin3January 16, 2018Details
Sister pulled muscle /pain5January 16, 2018Details
Unsaved Family4January 15, 2018Details
Our Son6January 15, 2018Details
Family and Me5January 15, 2018Details
Frostbite4January 15, 2018Details
My Mom5January 15, 2018Details
My Father6January 15, 2018Details
My Wife7January 15, 2018Details
Sons6January 15, 2018Details
Untitled4January 14, 2018Details
Needs healing prayer6January 12, 2018Details
Niece's mom6January 11, 2018Details
Hospital9January 10, 2018Details
Praise Report5January 8, 2018Details
Family Illnesses6January 8, 2018Details
Family Health Needs6January 8, 2018Details
Answered Prayers5January 8, 2018Details
Marriage8January 8, 2018Details
Brain Tumor7January 8, 2018Details
Knee Surgery6January 8, 2018Details
Foster Daughter4January 8, 2018Details
Family & Self Prayers4January 8, 2018Details
Brother has Cancer6January 8, 2018Details
PLEASE PRAY6January 6, 2018Details
Marilyn Whitsel and family8January 5, 2018Details
Brother7January 2, 2018Details
continued prayer8January 2, 2018Details
Critical condition 6December 31, 2017Details
Serious6December 31, 2017Details
Health Problems7December 18, 2017Details
Family Needs7December 18, 2017Details
Unspoken6December 18, 2017Details
Leg Surgery7December 18, 2017Details
Struggles6December 18, 2017Details
Ear Surgery8December 18, 2017Details
Pregancy7December 18, 2017Details
My Son6December 18, 2017Details
Back Surgery6December 18, 2017Details
Hard Times7December 18, 2017Details
Kidney Donor6December 18, 2017Details
Illness4December 15, 2017Details
For my son Jack4December 14, 2017Details
Fire Victim5December 14, 2017Details
Lossing It All6December 13, 2017Details
Job loss5December 12, 2017Details
Untitled1December 12, 2017Details
Praise & Prayer4December 11, 2017Details
Lost Husband5December 11, 2017Details
Requests for Sons5December 11, 2017Details
Cancer6December 11, 2017Details
Several Prayer Requests3December 11, 2017Details
Emergency 6December 10, 2017Details
Prayer for Uncle7December 10, 2017Details
Appreciate prayers8December 8, 2017Details
tyller morgan 6December 7, 2017Details
Personal Problems6December 4, 2017Details
Pray for My Wife7December 4, 2017Details
Untitled5December 4, 2017Details
Family Prayers4December 4, 2017Details
Prayer of Thanks3December 4, 2017Details
Family Prayer2December 4, 2017Details
Surgery4December 2, 2017Details
Husband Deployment4November 27, 2017Details
Personal Requests5November 27, 2017Details
Foot Surgery4November 27, 2017Details
Michael Dilworth, Shauna's McCullough's husband7November 27, 2017Details
Nephew3November 26, 2017Details
Otto Family & New Street7November 19, 2017Details
Several Requests4November 19, 2017Details
Prayers for Our Daughter4November 19, 2017Details
Doctor Appointments5November 19, 2017Details
Healing5November 19, 2017Details
Praise and Prayer4November 19, 2017Details
Health4November 19, 2017Details
Family Injuries2November 19, 2017Details
my niece4November 16, 2017Details
Family Requests8November 13, 2017Details
Many Family Requests9November 13, 2017Details
Pray for Mom7November 13, 2017Details
Family Needs9November 13, 2017Details
Addiction Program7November 13, 2017Details
Unspoken7November 13, 2017Details
Grandson8November 13, 2017Details
Leg Issues7November 13, 2017Details
Prayer for My Brother5November 13, 2017Details
Prayer for Niece5November 13, 2017Details
Prayers for Nephew8November 13, 2017Details
Clint Otto17November 12, 2017Details
Praise and continued prayer5November 8, 2017Details
Nephew heart attack 7November 6, 2017Details
Praise For Gabe Hamblin10November 6, 2017Details
Family Issues8November 5, 2017Details
Another Surgery8November 5, 2017Details
Colony Square Church5November 5, 2017Details
Uncle in the Hospital6November 5, 2017Details
Ministry and Family5November 5, 2017Details
Requests for Others5November 5, 2017Details
Our Son5November 5, 2017Details
Serving Overseas5November 5, 2017Details
A Couple Requests4November 5, 2017Details
Adoption3November 5, 2017Details
Need New Home3November 5, 2017Details
Job 6November 1, 2017Details

Heart Condition

Gary Byrd
Dale Crutchfield's heart condition is worse than expected. His injection rate is only 15%. He will be out of service until they get this under control. Please keep him in your prayers.

Vivian Wilson

Asking prayer for my friend's daughter and their family. Vivian is 5 years old and was diagnosed with Stage 4 Aggressive Neuroblastoma July 2017. She has had different types of treatment and just finished another week of treatment. She is scheduled for another scan this Monday. Praying that this current treatment has killed cancer cells. Please keep her in your prayers. Thanks.


Joanna Gage
My cousin Sarah has a blood clot in her heart after a fall she had in early December. They tried to catherize her heart on Friday but she went into cardiac arrest. She is now in a coma but can squeeze hands and fights them when the mess with her tubes. Pray for her parents Jeff and Sandy and my aunt and uncle who are her grandparents.

Sister pulled muscle /pain

Suzanne Calkins
Prayers for my sister Linda Kaufman for healing for her pulled hamstring and that the pain subsides . Also pray for her trusting in The Lords plans for her.

Unsaved Family

Deb Marsh
Unsaved family, and direction for my spouse.

Our Son

Susan Ramsey
Praise for Jason's situation; graduating college and being on his own. Pray he calls upon the Lord.

Family and Me

Pray for Landon's car, my sister Emma, and my positivity towards others in difficult situations.


Christina Whitney
Derrick has frostbite and might lose one or two fingers.

My Mom

Denise Firman
Marsha Lockhart is having knee replacement surgery on the 19th. Pray for her security and that she will make it through.

My Father

Tammy Farmer
That my father, Paul, passes peacefully.

My Wife

Butch Doud
Unspoken request, and for my wife, spiritually and health.


Continue to pray for our sons.


Family member has leukemia and is starting chemo next week.

Needs healing prayer

Margaret Pennington
A personal friend, Janice Rowe, requests that we pray for healing for her.

Niece's mom

Ginny Carlsson
My niece's mom, Cheryl, has spots on lung - will be having petscan to determine if cancer or not


Gary Byrd
Dale Crutchfield is in Bethesday North Hospital. He is having some serious heart problems.Let's lift him up in prayer and get this taken care of.

Praise Report

Jill Allen
Tom Robenson's cancer surgery went well. Unspoken

Family Illnesses

Karen & Scott Rogers
Katelyn (14) was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer; kidneys are in bad shape. Pray for the family, treatment and care team. Sister has blood pressure issues and anxiety.

Family Health Needs

Carson Copenhaver, Vanessa Reeves and RJ Thomas.

Answered Prayers

Susan Ramsey
for our son Jason, but please continue.


Pray our son and daughter-in-law going through marriage difficulties.

Brain Tumor

Brian Mudd had a brain tumor removed on Friday. Starts chemo this week.

Knee Surgery

Doris English has knee surgery on Monday. continue to remember Michelle Otto and Shauna Dilworth.

Foster Daughter

Sarah Coleman
Our new foster daughter needs prayer. Her mother needs to find Jesus.

Family & Self Prayers

Deb Marsh
Answered prayer: clear scans, no cancer. Unsaved family. Direction for Greg Marsh.

Brother has Cancer

Patricia Mitchell
Tom Trovillo (brother) started chemo on Friday. Pray for all involved and wisdom on his treatment.


Jean Ann Perry
Met a lady at Dr's office today, & asked her if she needed prayer, & ahw said "Yes". She has breast cancer, & is taking care of her husband who has Alzheimer's disease. She said she would appreciate that so very much. Her name is Bonnie Maupin. Thank you.

Marilyn Whitsel and family

Linda Benson
Please pray for Marilyn and her family for comfort and peace in the weeks ahead.


Patricia Michell
tom Trovillo was just diagnosed with plasma-cell leukemia. Pray for his salvation and treatment.

continued prayer

anon anon
continue to pray for healing and strength after surgery, praying for full recovery to be able to care for self again

Critical condition

Charlene Wilson
My cousin asked that I pray for his friend Todd Reynolds. Hd had a stroke and there is a blood clot at the base of his brain, thag is thd area that tells you to breath. He is on life support and really needs our prayers.


Margaret Pennington
Please pray for Todd Reynolds from KY. Has have a major stroke, blood blot on base of brain and is on life support.

Health Problems

Russ Stephenson for serious health problems.

Family Needs

Deb Marsh
Direction for Greg. Unsaved children. Continued healing for me.


Butch Doud
Unspoken request.

Leg Surgery

For my husband Paul; surgery on his legs (skin cancer).


Christy Downer
Prayers for the Kippenberg family and my sons; to seek God.

Ear Surgery

Yvonne Bauman
To remove cancer. Reconstruction surgery in the future.


Marissa Bunnell
Due in mid-July. Prayers for the baby; everything goes good. Pray for my husband who is lost.

My Son

Tracie Taylor
My son needs your prayers.

Back Surgery

Heidi James
On Dec 27. Pray for the surgeons. Peace for finances.

Hard Times

Kristin Williams
Praying my family gets through this hard time and our health.

Kidney Donor

Lindsey Kallmeyer
My fiancé is awaiting a kidney donor; his health is declining quickly.


Infection developed after surgery. Praying for healing

For my son Jack

Joey Smith
Jack is my son his mom is Dawn (Dawn’s Light ) who passed away over 5 yrs ago, has had a lot of trouble at school and home this past week . He has been lashing out ,after talking to the school counselor today we believe it is because of Dawn being gone , my boys where 1-2 when she pasted now that he is older it is hitting him maybe because of the season, pray that Yahweh would intervene and calm his troubled heart Jack is now 7 is in the 1st grade

Fire Victim

Bonnie Haley
Pray for Tammy West and family as they grieve the loss of a sister and mother of two. She passed away in a Dec. 12th fire in her home in Albuquerque.

Lossing It All

Patrick has an addiction problem. About to lose his job and kids.

Job loss

Deborah Armold
I lost my job and I'm the person who supports the family. Need prayers for God to show me the way to support my family. My son is having anxiety because he is afraid of being homeless.


De anon

Praise & Prayer

Jill Allen
Praise for Awana and what the kids are learning. Pray for students and teachers as the flu season begins.

Lost Husband

Ruth Haugan
Pray for my classmate (Wanda) who lost her husband (Randy) to brain cancer.

Requests for Sons

Susan Ramsey
Alan Ramsey dealing with depression. Traveling mercies for he and his family. Jason Ramsey has finals at OU this week.


Yvonne Baumann
Brother, Art and sister, Linda have cancer.

Several Prayer Requests

Deb Marsh
Unsaved family, husband guidance, my continued healing.


Derek Fulton
I'm in immense danger I need help

Prayer for Uncle

Mary Gamber
My uncle, John Gardner, is unsaved and is battling cancer in his pelvis. He has already finished chemo and is just hoping it got rid of all of the cancer. He was stage 4 before chemo. He needs salvation and healing.

Appreciate prayers

Jean Ann Perry
Nancy Russell asked me to let you know she appreciates UBC's prayers for her. She still has pneumonia, and some other health issues. Please continue praying for healing. Thank you.

tyller morgan

june mercer
prayers for diagnosis & healing for long time stomach problems in er now

Personal Problems

Amber Snow for spiritual condition and for healing of extreme ear problems.

Pray for My Wife

Janie, for spiritual and health-wise.


Heidi James
I will be having back surgery soon. Pray for financial peace with 12 weeks of no working.

Family Prayers

Sue Oeder
Pray for my children, Jim Oeder, and family.

Prayer of Thanks

My wife's knee surgery went well and she is home recovering.

Family Prayer

Terri Riley
Unspoken prayer for my family.


Shannon Ware
Vernon Ware is having another back surgery Dec 7th.

Husband Deployment

Emily Miller
Husband, Matthew is deployed in Iraq. continue to pray for the Otto family.

Personal Requests

Deb Marsh
Lost loved ones. Guidance for my spouse and myself.

Foot Surgery

Kyleen Francis
Having surgery on my left foot this Friday. Will be off 8 weeks; then rehab.

Michael Dilworth, Shauna's McCullough's husband

Linda Benson
Michael Dilworth, Shauna's, husband passed away this morning after suffering a seizure. Please pray for Shauna, her daughter, and all of the family members.


Patti Meadows
Please pray for my nephew, Micheal Noonan. He is in a Kentucky hospital with lung, colon, and intestinal cancers. He is not saved.

Otto Family & New Street

June Mercer
Pray for the Otto family and New Street.

Several Requests

Susan Ramsey
Otto family and Clint's ministry heritage. Thanksgiving with many unsaved family.

Prayers for Our Daughter

Lew & Debbie Snyder
Pray for Hannah; child custody and health issues.

Doctor Appointments

Husband Paul has 2 doctor appointments.


Tom Pendergrass
Carson Copenhaver to be healed of kidney disease. For the Otto family as the grieve and heal.

Praise and Prayer

Angela Knapp
Praise for my son who came back to God. Pray for my mother, Toni Brockett to be healed.


Martha Spencer
for my health and granddaughter Elianna.

Family Injuries

Cathy Howard
Three year old niece, Anastasia Osborne, fell and fractured her skull; three month recovery time. Daughter Lydia broke her leg.

my niece

Margaret Pennington
Please be in prayer for my niece, Debbie Clark. She is having surgery Friday the 17th.

Family Requests

Deb Marsh
For my husband, Greg. For our unsaved children and grandchildren. for my spiritual strength and direction. for the Otto family.

Many Family Requests

Kiphart Family
Brother and wife, Tim and Rhonda; Rhonda's faith. Niece and nephew, Carla and Marlon's daughter Marla. Baby Maiyley in critical condition; 1 week old. Aunt Shirley in hospice care. Husband and Billy for salvation.

Pray for Mom

Allister Whitfield
Pray for mom.

Family Needs

Joshua August
Pray for my cousin Zach. Grandfather is in hospice. I have been feeling stressed between family and school.

Addiction Program

My nephew is in an addition program. Pray for healing, and for his mom.


Terri Riley


Tom Pendergrass
Carson Copenhaver for healing of kidney disease.

Leg Issues

Heidi James
Numbness and tingling in left leg. Having an EMG to assess nerve damage.

Prayer for My Brother

Phil is scheduled for open heart surgery on Tue at 7:30.

Prayer for Niece

Ginny Carlsson
Linda is in the hospital with kidney failure and other health issues. James has cancer and liver issues.

Prayers for Nephew

Deb Chilton
Travis (37) is having a petscan for lung cancer next week.

Clint Otto

Gary Byrd
Clint Otto is in ICU after major surgery. He is considered critical. Please pray for him and the family.

Praise and continued prayer

Eric Gage
Praise we are able to stay in our current location for our thrift store. A lease agreement was reached with better terms. Prayer that with our newer lease we can continue to grow the business and be able to give more to ministries.

Nephew heart attack

Ginny Bickers
Our nephew Jason Bell had a massive heart attack this morning at work. He is currently at St Elizabeth Ft Thomas in icu. He is on life support. He is only in his early 40s and has one adult son and three younger children. I am with the family at the hospital right now. All prayers will be appreciated.

Praise For Gabe Hamblin

Beth Hamblin
Gabe has done extreamly well with the new medicine. He only had one little hiccup as he was coming down off the old med but I expected that and the doctors just increased the new med a little bit. He has done so well. He will be completely off the old med in the next two weeks and I am praying for no more hiccups. Praising God for his blessings!

Family Issues

Jessie Brattain
My son Andy for personal issues. We lost our pet cat.

Another Surgery

Bill Beckett is having major surgery on Monday. Praise the Lord he survived complications from pancreatic cancer on Thursday and is witnessing to the doctors and nurses. Pray for strength for he and his family.

Colony Square Church

Jill Allen
Pray for the church and pastor Josh Broughton. Very few are coming.

Uncle in the Hospital

Jessica Barnum
Uncle Earl is in the hospital fighting for his life.

Ministry and Family

Tom Pendergrass
the children's choir to bless others. Carson Copenhaver for healing of kidney disease.

Requests for Others

Edna English for cancer. Thelma Gaylor's sister. and Rodgeriz for cancer. Nelson and Thelma Gaylor's nephew.

Our Son

Kevin as he continues to stand against strongholds, and for his safety. Also for prodigals and lost loved ones.

Serving Overseas

Emily Miller
Pray for my husband Matthew who is serving overseas.

A Couple Requests

Susan Ramsey
Clint Otto and his flock. His quick recovery. Safe travels for my mom and dad, returning from Hilton Head.


Shawn Enright
Riley family; adoption possibilities.

Need New Home

Jeremy Witt and family need a new home; must move by new year.


Joey Smith
Keep me in prayer about a new job , had a good interview this past Monday was told if they are interested in me would be called for a second interview, Thank you !
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.