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Prayer Requests

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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Heart Attack2September 18, 2017Details
Housing/Financial Issues1September 18, 2017Details
Knee1September 18, 2017Details
Healing2September 18, 2017Details
Family Prayers2September 18, 2017Details
Hospice2September 18, 2017Details
Surgery2September 18, 2017Details
Sick Brother2September 18, 2017Details
Hospital3September 16, 2017Details
Liver Transplant 3September 15, 2017Details
Praise2September 14, 2017Details
Prayer for Friend2September 14, 2017Details
Untitled0September 14, 2017Details
Prayer for Joy Van Patten2September 13, 2017Details
Paralysis3September 11, 2017Details
Chains2September 11, 2017Details
Grandma2September 11, 2017Details
Brain Cancer3September 11, 2017Details
Fiance3September 11, 2017Details
Conference2September 11, 2017Details
Deployment3September 11, 2017Details
Cancer2September 11, 2017Details
New job3September 11, 2017Details
Cousin3September 11, 2017Details
Heading to Florida2September 11, 2017Details
Possible move2September 11, 2017Details
Struggling2September 11, 2017Details
Family members1September 11, 2017Details
Need Prayer1September 11, 2017Details
Sister1September 11, 2017Details
Grandson1September 11, 2017Details
President Trump2September 11, 2017Details
Health3September 11, 2017Details
Adopted Son3September 11, 2017Details
Grandchild2September 11, 2017Details
Marriage3September 11, 2017Details
Birth This Week3September 11, 2017Details
Newborn2September 11, 2017Details
Hurricane Irma2September 11, 2017Details
urgent prayer3September 8, 2017Details
Surgery4September 6, 2017Details
Personal Request3September 6, 2017Details
Family Concerns3September 6, 2017Details
Addiction3September 6, 2017Details
Physical Problems2September 6, 2017Details
Thank You Very Much2September 4, 2017Details
Houston flooding4August 28, 2017Details
Family Prayer4August 28, 2017Details
Untitled3August 28, 2017Details
Strength4August 28, 2017Details
Daughter with Cancer5August 28, 2017Details
Grow in Faith3August 28, 2017Details
Texas4August 28, 2017Details
Heart Surgery5August 28, 2017Details
Good Test Results5August 28, 2017Details
Family in Texas2August 28, 2017Details
Salvation3August 28, 2017Details
Family Unity4August 28, 2017Details
Lost/Prodigals4August 28, 2017Details
Find a Church4August 28, 2017Details
Vacation3August 28, 2017Details
Healing from Cancer5August 28, 2017Details
Thanks4August 21, 2017Details
Job Needs4August 21, 2017Details
Our Needs6August 21, 2017Details
My Husband6August 21, 2017Details
Praises5August 21, 2017Details
Requests for Family3August 21, 2017Details
Friend's Family3August 21, 2017Details
Neck5August 21, 2017Details
Pray for Us2August 21, 2017Details
Family Needs2August 21, 2017Details
Chronic Health Issues3August 21, 2017Details
continued prayer2August 20, 2017Details
Thank You2August 15, 2017Details
Basic Training3August 14, 2017Details
Surgery2August 14, 2017Details
Moving3August 14, 2017Details
Kidney Stone2August 14, 2017Details
Tough Times2August 14, 2017Details
Untitled2August 14, 2017Details
Several Family Needs3August 14, 2017Details
Pray for a Friend2August 14, 2017Details
Lost Loved Ones2August 14, 2017Details
Mission Trip2August 14, 2017Details
Son's Family2August 14, 2017Details
urgent prayer needed2August 13, 2017Details
Prayer for Jackie Wright4August 13, 2017Details
Answered prayer2August 11, 2017Details
Brother4August 8, 2017Details
Daughter's Needs3August 8, 2017Details
Custody2August 8, 2017Details
Lost Daughter2August 8, 2017Details
Lost Family2August 8, 2017Details
Needs for Family & Friends3August 8, 2017Details
Family Visit3August 8, 2017Details
Sons3August 8, 2017Details
Healing3August 8, 2017Details
Co-worker2August 7, 2017Details
prayer and praise2August 3, 2017Details
Continue to Pray7August 1, 2017Details
Broken Ankle4July 31, 2017Details
surgery for family member3July 31, 2017Details
Hospice5July 27, 2017Details
Praise and Prayer4July 24, 2017Details
Praise3July 24, 2017Details
Accident6July 24, 2017Details
Pastor5July 24, 2017Details
Leukemia6July 24, 2017Details
Grandfather4July 24, 2017Details
Broken Leg4July 24, 2017Details
Prayer for wife and business3July 21, 2017Details
Prayer Needed3July 19, 2017Details
Please pray for my first cousin Betty Haller.4July 18, 2017Details
Please pray for complete healing for my friend and my niece.3July 18, 2017Details
Urgent Prayers Requested3July 17, 2017Details
Advanced Cancer5July 17, 2017Details
Parents3July 17, 2017Details
Diagnosed with Cancer3July 17, 2017Details
Our Daughter6July 17, 2017Details
Family and Friend Requests3July 17, 2017Details
Seeking Godly People3July 17, 2017Details
Looking for a Church4July 10, 2017Details
Friends and Family4July 10, 2017Details
Family Prayer3July 10, 2017Details
Mother-in-Law2July 10, 2017Details
Family Health4July 3, 2017Details
Moving4July 3, 2017Details
Mission Trip3July 3, 2017Details
Family Needs4July 3, 2017Details
Untitled3July 3, 2017Details
Cancer4July 3, 2017Details
Motorcycle Accident5July 3, 2017Details
Heart Attack3July 3, 2017Details
Hip Replacement3July 3, 2017Details
Please pray for friend.4July 1, 2017Details

Heart Attack

Deb Marsh
Ann Hobely had a heart attack. Unsaved.

Housing/Financial Issues

Jacqueline Goncalves and her 3 sons need housing, finances and many other issues.


Healing of my wife's knee.


Lita Clark
Michelle and Brian lost their home in Irma. their first born (Eliana) is in NICU. Pray for total healing and no brain damage.

Family Prayers

Joshua August
Zach Muncy (cousin) is in rehab. Bill Grimes (grandfather) is dying.


Jay August
Father in hospice in Fort Myers.


Cathy Howard
Having surgery on Sep 20. Pray for the surgeons, pain free and healing.

Sick Brother

Shirley Howard
Brother, Larry Grigsley, is very ill in the hospital.


Gary Byrd
Dale Crutchfield is in the hospital with Low Blood Preasure.

Liver Transplant

Ginny C
My friend, James, is in the process of a liver transplant


Jason Wright
I would like to thank God and all of those who have been praying for my well being. I thank God that I am still able to walk, drive, go to work, and still live on my own. Thank you very much and God Bless you all!

Prayer for Friend

Jason Wright
Please ask God to touch my friend Rick Stachel with His healing hands. He is currently in the hospital after surgery to remove a tumor. Please ask God to touch his physicians with the wisdom to deal with anything that comes up. Thank You.


Jason anon

Prayer for Joy Van Patten

Jason Wright
Please pray for God's healing hand to be placed upon my cousin Joy Van Patten. She is suffering from a horrible cold that is being aggravated by her asthma and allergies. She is a strong warrior in Christ and needs all the strength He can provide. Thank You Very Much.


Friend, Arroara is having health issues (facial paralysis). She is in the 8th grade.


Have my chains break.


Grandma's health and that she goes to Jesus, she is in Florida. My job will become full time.

Brain Cancer

Andrew Thompson has brain cancer. He had surgery but they couldn't get all of it.


Fiance is in Afghanistan. Pray for safe return.


Pray Christiana comes to the Adoption Conference next Sunday.


Susan Ramsey
Son Jason is being deployed to Florida with the Army National Guard.


Jeff Conard
Harlan Mikesell's cancer has returned.

New job

Dan Byrd
Prayer for a new job.


Bonnie Spenser
My cousin Steve McClelland has terminal cancer and is not saved.

Heading to Florida

Jessica Barnum
Husband Rodney may be heading to Florida. He will use his skills to help others and share the Gospel.

Possible move

Matthew & Danielle Sturdivant
Career change including a move to Iowa. Pray for God's guidance. Father is in Tampa, Florida.


Christina Angel
Single mother struggling with depression and anxiety.

Family members

Cindy Heflin
Pray for family members in SW Florida. The need salvation & restoration.

Need Prayer

Sherry Bendel
Keep me in your prayers.


Hodapp Family
Praise - David's sister has improved and is awake. She is being moved to a Alzheimers facility.


Jerry Messner
Pray for Matthew Bendel, he is being deployed to South Korea with the Air Force.

President Trump

Jerry Messner
Pray that the President will do God's will and keep him safe.


Don & Rachel Maness
Don - Bladder Cancer Rachel - Depression

Adopted Son

Pray for Xavier, just started 9th grade and is struggling.


Doris Moore
Pray for Remington Stevens.


Pam Horton
Pray for son & daughter-in-laws marriage.

Birth This Week

Craig Miller
Pray our daughter has a safe delivery & healthy baby. Pray for the rest of her family.


Pray for my grandson, he's in ICU. Pray for his parents.

Hurricane Irma

Brandy Fincher
Pray for my family and all those affected by the Hurricane.

urgent prayer

Ginny C
My friend's adult son is having very bad headaches - suffered aneurysm about 10 years ago


Dan English
Surgery on Sep 8 for possible lymphoma.

Personal Request

Sherry Bendel
Keep me in your prayers.

Family Concerns

Joshua August
Cousin dealing with addiction; other cousin living in the path of hurricane Irma.


Kathleen Stolle
Grandson, Andrew Heath for salvation, and that he will respond to doctors and family to quit.

Physical Problems

Bev Bowers
Barb Haley having heart and kidney problems, and flooding in Bowling Green KY.

Thank You Very Much

Aaron & Jason Wright
This is actually not a prayer requests, but rather a thank you to the Urbancrest Church Family from our family. We would like this to go to all of the Church, but I am not sure how to do that, so I thought this would be the best option: From my Father, Aaron Wright: “Jackie has peacefully entered her eternal rest. Thanks to the Urbancrest Church family for visits, prayer, and support through the months of her illness. Pastor Tom and many church members attended her Celebration of Life service. Thank You for your love and concern. Family of Jackie Wright.”

Houston flooding

Susan Clemmons
Our brother lives in Katy Tx, he has no way to leave his home as all the roads are closed do to flooding. Please pray that The rain stops or that Jeff is rescued.

Family Prayer

Chris Boring
Pray for out family.


Andy Busler
Gunner Smith (10 yr old) had cancerous brain tumor removed. Waiting to see type of cancer and whether chemo is needed.


Stephen Moore
Continued strength in faith.

Daughter with Cancer

Scott Wilson
Vivian ( 4 1/2 year of daughter) is battling cancer.

Grow in Faith

James Ellison
Continue to grow in faith.


Robin Hodapp
Many may not know that we're from Houston. Our family and friends all live in the area. Most are safe... others we're not sure of. Some have already lost everything... others we have to wait and see until this part is over. We are overwhelmed with grief for what's happening there. Please keep Texas in your thoughts and prayers.

Heart Surgery

Joey Smith
Kirby Smith (dad) is having open heart surgery on Monday at Bethesda North.

Good Test Results

Don Maness
Praise - received good medical test results. Thanks for the prayers.

Family in Texas

David & Robin Hodapp
Pray for our families in Texas; end to the rain.


Pray for my son's father; drug free for 21 days. Pray he gives his life to Christ.

Family Unity

James Family anon
Prayer for peace and family unity. For Ellen.


Continued prayer for our lost/prodigals. For Kevin for peace and wisdom. for us in helping him walk his journey.

Find a Church

Gina Sinclair
To find a church home, and all the changes in my life.


Jay & Michelle August
Going on a trip. Pray for safe travels, and for our kids while we're gone.

Healing from Cancer

John Edwards
Asking Jesus to heal him of cancer.


Leigh Ann Pagnard
Pastor Jake Gallagher's disease progression has slowed way down. Thanks for praying.

Job Needs

Jerry & Judy Massner
Brandy and Jeff Fincher both need jobs.

Our Needs

Susan Clemmons
Healing for Clay's body (many issues). for God's guidance and direction for our future. Clay is looking to retire. My health, and different treatments.

My Husband

Tamara Wahlert
Pray for my husband, Ray, for the Lord's healing.


Susan Ramsey
Praise God, Jason accepted his dream job; Tampa FL. One year left in school. Praise God Alan and family received word they are relocating to Colorado Springs.

Requests for Family

Chris Nash
Healing for mom, Sherry Nash. Under went hip surgery and into assisted living. Job for son, Jake and his surrender to Christ.

Friend's Family

Donna Kiphart
Radar family; tragic passing of 17 year old son. Family are Christians.


Deborah Clark
Healing for my neck; MRI this week.

Pray for Us

James Family
Keep our entire family in prayer to keep Satan at bay and give us peace.

Family Needs

Deb Marsh
Unsaved family. Greg is sick today. Unspoken request.

Chronic Health Issues

Jim Combs
My mother, Barbara Combs has chronic health issues and is discouraged.

continued prayer

Ginny C
My friend, Mary Jane, is going in for hip replacement - has staph infection also

Thank You

Jason Wright
All, my Little Mommy was taken into the arms of the Lord at 3 this morning. She is now at peace - no pain and no worries. Thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers, and support through her long ordeal. We love you all. God Bless.

Basic Training

Dina Robinson
My son, Tony Robinson, left for his basic training at Fort Jackson in SC.


Shannon Ware
Having surgery on Aug 14.


Pat & Donna Kroner
We are moving on Aug 17 to Florida. Pray all goes smoothly.

Kidney Stone

David Hodapp has a kidney stone. Pray for relief and quick passing.

Tough Times

Pray for the Wright family, going through tough times.


Michael Gellman
Broken femur in March 2017. Same bone broke again in July. He's still in the hospital. Pray for healing.

Several Family Needs

Alan Ramsey
Moving, family stress, brother's job, and school.

Pray for a Friend

Gina Simmons.

Lost Loved Ones

Our lost and prodigal loved ones. Our son, Kevin, as he stands against strongholds; for his protection.

Mission Trip

Naomi Gray
Please pray for the mission trip I'm joining next Sat to Costa Rica.

Son's Family

Pam Horton
Pray for my son's family.

urgent prayer needed

Ginny C
My friend, Mary Jane, was admitted to the hospital - discovered staph infection in hip she had replaced

Prayer for Jackie Wright

Jason Wright
My Little Mommy, Jackie Wright, was admitted to Hospice of Butler and Warren Counties on Wednesday night. The family has spent most of Thrsday, Friday, and Saturday sitting with her and offering what comfort we can provide. What we can provide is nothing when compared to the comfort that God can provide. Please continue to pray for my Little Mommy, so that God will keep applying His Hands of Comfort to her. The staff at Hospice of Butler and Warren Counties is truly a blessing and they are doing the Lord's work by keeping those who are in their last stage of life comfortable. We all thank you very much for your prayers. God Bless You All.

Answered prayer

Jean Ann Perry
Thank you for your prayers for my niece, Nikki. She's doing well.


Brother, Jess Roeder was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a year ago. Following surgery and chemo he is cancer free. Still has a long way to go. Please continue to pray.

Daughter's Needs

Heidi James
Pray Ellen would gain wisdom, discernment and knowledge. That we would have a sense of peace about where God is leading her.


Lisa Hobbs
Aleah Grace is 4 years old. Great-grandparents are trying to get custody.

Lost Daughter

Toni Money
Our daughter is lost, with many personal issues.

Lost Family

Deb Marsh
Children and grandchildren who are lost.

Needs for Family & Friends

Sherry Bendel
Mr. Perron's wife has stage 4 cancer. Mr. Long's son is having knee surgery. My sister, Brandy lost her job. Pray for me too.

Family Visit

Susan Ramsey
Alan, Shannon and Lily coming in from DC. Praying for safe travels and health. Also for LCS spiritual leadership.


Bucky Allen
Pray for Josh and Jake Allen.


Tamara Wahlert
Healing for my husband.


Craig Miller
Pray for Gary True . Coworker of mine. Found out he has leukemia. God empowering the doctors during this whole process. Praise Him what only he can do.

prayer and praise

Ginny C
Prayer for my friend , James - needs liver transplant. Praise - brother in law, Bill - surgery went well

Continue to Pray

Bonnie Hailey
Please continue to pray for Charles.

Broken Ankle

Beth Irons
Kat (sister) broke her ankle in March. Following surgery the incision is resisting healing.

surgery for family member

Ginny C
my brother-in-law, Bill, will have surgery Tuesday to correct issues from previous procedure


Clint Otto
Steve Powers mom is in Hospice, and an unspoken for the family.

Praise and Prayer

Deb Marsh
Praise for answered prayer. Unspoken request for healing and lost loved ones.


Tim Pennington
Praise God for His faithfulness. He walked with me through darkness; Master's degree, passing the boards, losing my job. He was faithful. Just finished my first week of new job.


Zondra Harris
My best friend's husband, Jon Kirk, was in a motorcycle accident. Just moved out of ICU. Still needs prayer because he is blind in one eye.


Doug & sue Wolf
For guidance and direction as I pastor Bethany Baptist Church in Liberty Township. I've been on a five week sabbatical and return tonight as we start our VBS.


Shirley Howard
Carolyn Wainscott's great-granddaughter charlotte (2) was diagnosed with Leukemia. Treatments begin at Children's Hospital.


Joshua August
Bill Grimes is possibly coming down with Alzheimer’s. Daughter, Maggie is having a hard time with it.

Broken Leg

Geri Gellman
Michael (husband) broke his femur in March; not healing.

Prayer for wife and business

Eric Gage
Prayer for up coming surgery for Joanna in August. Pray she will be able to have Laparoscopic surgery to minimize pain and for quick healing. Pray also for our store. We need help with marketing our store to increase business.

Prayer Needed

Merriel Miller
All - Kirk remains in the hospital (Jewish) and will have a second foot surgery on Thursday. Prayers urgently needed that the infection has subsided and the foot beginning to heal. Thanks, Merriel

Please pray for my first cousin Betty Haller.

Jean Ann Perry
She's had cellulitis, both legs are swollen, & she is on oxygen. She's bleeding, but doctor does not know where it's coming from.

Please pray for complete healing for my friend and my niece.

Jean Ann Perry
Good friend, Joyce Burnett has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. On Chemo. My niece, Nikki Patrick, is having serious surgery(tumor)in stomach area, with much bleeding.

Urgent Prayers Requested

Merriel Miller
We just found out that Kirk has a bad infection in his foot that will require immediate surgery. Prayers that everything goes smoothly, that he doesn't lose any toes and that he recovers quickly. Thanks. Merriel

Advanced Cancer

Ted V. (age 60) is diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer.


Susan Ramsey
Ann Lang (mom, 81) is in the hospital for hear issues. Dad (89) has lots of health appointments this week. Pray for spiritual health. they have fear not faith.

Diagnosed with Cancer

Vivian, diagnosed with cancer. Family attends Antioch.

Our Daughter

Bev Williams
Continued healing for our daughter; reconstructive knee surgery.

Family and Friend Requests

Shirley Howard
Jonathan Wilcox, fighting for his life following a motorcycle accident. Charlotte, great-granddaughter (2 yr old) is in Children's Hospital.

Seeking Godly People

Bo & Natalia Martino
The Lord would continue to open doors and place Godly people in our lives as we continue to get settled in our new home in Ohio.

Looking for a Church

Penny Martino
My son and daughter-in-law moved to Ohio and are looking for a church. I pray they find one here at Urbancrest.

Friends and Family

Susan Ramsey
Linda Markham is having anxiety issues. Pray for physical and spiritual healing. Pray my son's family is stationed in Dayton, and for his wife's healing.

Family Prayer

Our daughter had her second kidney surgery. Son had a heart attack. Grandson had a car accident. Pray God brings us through.


Lisa Hardy
My mother-in-law, Peggy, is in Riverside Hospital. Low sodium levels.

Family Health

Joshua August
Cherry Crossgrove (aunt) had a small heart attack, and Rom Crossgrove (uncle) in in poor health.


Robin Hodapp
Mom is closing on her house in Houston and moving up here.

Mission Trip

Kaitlyn & Jacob Olsen
We are going on a mission trip the end of July. Pray God's will to be done.

Family Needs

Susan Ramsey
Alan & Shannon lost their unborn baby this week. Pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Jason for financial responsibility and connection with believers. Ed Lang (my dad) for physical healing.


McCullogh's and Dilworth's
Pray for all involved in the adoption of Kaylenn.


Paul Boroff
Cousins, Bill and Barbara Cloyd have cancer.

Motorcycle Accident

Shirley Howard
Jonathan Wilcox, niece's boyfriend, wrecked his motorcycle. He is on life-support in Miami Valley.

Heart Attack

anon anon
Freddie Taylor had a massive heart attack.

Hip Replacement

Bill Grimes had to have a second hip replacement due to infection. He's Jay August's step-dad.

Please pray for friend.

Jean Ann Perry
My good friend, Joyce, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Has more tests next Tuesday. Please pray for God's healing touch. Thank you.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.