Welcome to the Mission College at Urbancrest

An internship for long-term missionaries, mission/ministry leaders, and church planters.

Many people have varying views and understanding of what Missions looks like. The Mission College at Urbancrest can help individuals explore a personal call to missions; prepare and experience mission trips or projects; and better understand a biblical approach to Missions.

This is an eighteen month basic missiology study to give participants a broad view of the world and their place in it. Together with guest Missionary speakers; Minister of Missions; Church Planters and my missionary experience serving in Ukraine through the International Mission Board, we will prepare students for cross-cultural service both domestic and throughout the world.

Because we are the Church, Christ has built us; called us; and equipped us for service in the world. Jesus clearly explained to the disciples…the gospel must be preached to all the nations.

Download a PDF about the Mission College at Urbancrest


We provide:

  • 38-essential web-based biblical lessons written by missiologists and missionaries.
  • Small group weekly discussion, class Facilitator’s missionary experience
  • Four to five Supplemental books provided

Course Goals

  • Understanding and application of best practices in missiological thinking and strategy.
  • Development of an Advocacy Group for: Prayer; Finances; and Accountability.
  • Practicum: Self-funded extended Summer Mission Project.
  • Development of mission ministry experience by regular participation in ongoing Urbancrest ministries and/or other ministries you might currently be involved in. (Approved by the Minister of Missions)
  • Development through mentoring and special conference courses of “funding” your long term cross-cultural service.


  • Completed mission intern applications. Please return to mission office at least one month prior to fall class.
  • Meet the requirements within the mission intern application on page 1.
  • Applicant must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Personal interview with the Mission Education Director and a member of the Global Connect Development Team (GCDT).
  • Course tuition: $100.00, defrays expenses for online-registration of lessons.

Dates: September-May (Classes)

  • Candidates entrance applications I & II: begin no later than July – Aug.15
  • Required Personal Interview, prior to September classes
  • Year I – September – May: Required-Summer Internship
  • Year II – September – May: Graduation

For more information or to start the registration process contact:

Bonnie Hailey
Mission Education Director

Andrew Trezona
Minister of Missions